Hey there! *awkward wave*

Nice to see you here. If you’re here from Twitter, this blog is one of those “behind the scenes” things I mentioned recently. If you’re here from elsewhere, I’d love to hear about how you found this blog! Drop a comment below if you’d like. 🙂

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am a quirky, awkward, slightly dead language obsessed seminary girl. If I were an animal, I’d be a tabby cat, my personality type is INFJ, and I’m left-handed.

Coffee, Greek, and Hebrew are the path to my heart and if you’re ever in my corner of the Bible belt, let’s grab a cup of coffee and have a chat!

I love seminary, one-on-one conversations, theology chats, translating, run-on sentences, and teaching. I’m a little too sassy for my own good and just want people to think I’m somewhat cool. Follow me on Twitter if you aren’t already. We have fun over there!

I first started my Seminary Girl Twitter account back in May of last year. The account was actually a long time coming – I had been inspired several months before by another seminary anon whose sass and wit I aspired to (and still do). I followed many church anons but found it interesting that there was no anon for a lady seminarian. But I didn’t want to start an account only for it to flounder or to suddenly lose all my inspiration. So in what little downtime I had trying to finish my last year of undergrad, I brainstormed what this Twitter account would look like. I thought of several goals and even composed potential tweets in my mind. Finally, on May 20, 2015, two weeks after my bachelor’s degree ended and my graduate school journey began, Seminary Girl was born.

I had several goals set out when I started my anon account:

  1. To bring a side of seminary humor to the table that I had yet to see (obviously related to women in seminary, among other angles).
  2. To be an encouragement to seminarians and future seminarians – both men and women.
  3. To create a place where my fellow seminary girls could commiserate over and have a place of understanding of the humor, fun, and frustration of being a woman in seminary.
  4. To connect with my fellow seminarians in a way that is harder to do when both parties are operating from a personal account. From my observation/experience, people are generally more interactive with an anon than with a random personal account. I have however noticed this trend shifting eeeever so slightly.
  5. To have an outlet for blogging and writing where I could reach more people than I could with a personal account. This is in no way an attempt to make myself popular or to get people to pay attention to me. I love writing and hope to be able to write articles or maybe even books one day, along with being a professor. It’s just one more way for me to minister and reach out to those around me. As I observed anons “in their natural habitat” (apologies to my fellow anons, but you are a lot of fun to study) I realized that operating under the Seminary Girl name, I would have a better chance of reaching out and connecting with more people through my writing.

You may be asking why it took me so long to get this blog started, if that was one of my goals in the beginning. Honestly, I got discouraged. When I started my Twitter account, I struggled to build up a following. I didn’t want to dilute my feed with random accounts I followed just to get followers, but I didn’t want to seem standoffish either. I learned very quickly that the anon community is a cautious one. It took interaction and building up a timeline filled with sassy tweets about theology, Greek, and coffee before I felt like I had “proved myself” as someone who was here to stay. I remember the night I hit 100 followers – I was shocked. It had taken so long to get there and I was certain that I never would. I had found a few people that I regularly interacted with (some anon, some not) and I was okay. I had decided I wouldn’t worry about getting a big following. I would just be myself. But, my following and interaction remained low enough that I realized a blog would likely not be worth my time. And that did bum me out.

However, all that changed a couple of weeks ago. I had been sitting on 190 followers for some time on my Seminary Girl account, when my personal account hit over 200 followers. I was amused (and, okay, slightly annoyed) that my personal account had somehow gained more popularity than my anon account (although “popular”  may be a strong word for accounts with 200 or fewer followers). So I shot off a quick tweet:

There were a couple of accounts that would retweet me sometimes and I would usually gain a few followers from that retweet. I thought maybe I could eek out ten new followers and then I’d be satisfied. But, I was annoyed with the tweet even before I posted it. I kept telling myself that my following count didn’t matter – I just needed to be myself and followers would come. Quality over quantity and all that. But obviously, I sent the tweet. Through many circumstances and some generous retweets from accounts that I admire greatly, my following went from 190 to 250 almost overnight. As I type this, just over two weeks later, I sit at 301 followers. Over a hundred new followers in a fraction of the time it took me to get my first hundred. I realized that the opportune moment I had been looking for had arrived.

After running some polls and confirming my social-anxiety-ridden mind that people would read a blog if I wrote one, I set to work. And here you see my blog. My biggest goal here is to be an encouragement. To find lessons in the awkward moments and enjoyment in the embarrassing but hilarious situations. To share anecdotes so my fellow seminary girls know they’re not alone. To share my heart and what I am learning.

But most importantly, to share my God. Who He is, what He has done and continues to do. The lessons He teaches me both in an out of the seminary building, the truth so richly found in His Word, the joy in getting to spend my life digging into Scripture, the beauty and the ashes it came from. My goal is not a big following or popularity. My goal is Jesus and sharing Him with those who know Him and those who haven’t met Him yet.

So make a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and a theology book. I hope you’ll stay a while. 🙂


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