Every seminarian past, present, or future (or even seminarians at heart!) knows the value of time dedicated to one’s craft. Whether it’s sermon prep, Greek and/or Hebrew translations, paper writing, research, or even reading that new theology book you picked up recently, a seminarian’s Saturday is often filled with coffee and seminary-related pursuits. If the seminarian is lucky (or just wants to satisfy some cravings) there may even be some good food involved.

Every Saturday, I tweet my study setup with the hashtag #seminariansaturday. Now I’m inviting my fellow seminarians to join in the fun. Each Saturday, post your study setup with the hashtag #seminariansaturday for a chance to featured in my weekly blog post celebrating the hard work we all face in the pursuit of our seminary degrees. This weekly hashtag game is not just for present seminarians though! Any seminarian past, present, or future, or even seminarians at heart can participate. If your Saturday involves the pursuit of deeper knowledge of our God and His Word in any way, #seminariansaturday is for you.

This weeks posts, while small in number, had great diversity!

My study setup for this week featured the delicious crepe and spiced apple cake my best friend and I picked up this morning for breakfast and study fuel. Local coffee shops are one of my favorite places to spend my time on Saturday afternoons, even if it’s just a quick drop in for some cold brew and whatever treat is featured on the shelf. This treat paired with a study guide through my latest exegesis reading assignment made for a very seminary Saturday.

Next up in this week’s featured seminarians is Marissa Carter aka @feelingismutual

Don’t worry about the lack of gluten, Marissa. Mine lacks it completely. 😉 I am a gluten free by necessity seminarian, so any treat you see in my photos has a great lack of gluten. Unless they belong to other seminarians. I can’t vouch for them. 🙂 But I digress. Marissa’s Saturday setup shows one of my favorite parts of paper writing and research of any kind – commentaries! As fun as exegesis can be, it’s always fascinating to read about how others have evaluated a passage. Great work, Marissa! Hope all the prep has gone swimmingly. 🙂

The last #seminariansaturday setup featured this week belongs to Andrew Hickman aka @avhickman

Andrew is a seminarian at heart, but it looks like he is doing some great study in Proverbs with Hebrew. Keep up the great work, Andrew! I hope the study goes well.

If you’re just now seeing something about #seminariansaturday, fret not! Each week I will feature tweets with this hashtag, and often I will feature tweets from Saturdays other than the current one. Keep studying and keep tweeting, my fellow seminarians! May your Saturdays be productive so that your Sundays may be undistractedly worshipful.


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