Finding Land

The next time a post goes live on this blog, it will have changed. The name, web address, and design will all be different. As I mentioned in my “What’s Next?” post, this change is coming to reflect the new season in my life. While I will always be That Seminary Girl, I am now also a wife, a Navy spouse, a writer, and a freelancer. I am still me, just with some new roles and a new direction.

Finding Land

This new name was inspired by a conversation I had with one of the friends I’ve made here. We were catching up and she asked me that ever-haunting question: “what’s next?” We talked about my next and my love for writing. What she didn’t know was I had spent the past several weeks before our conversation attempting to forge a new direction for this blog. I knew I wanted to write about the military life, but not just the military life. Every military wife knows the struggle of feeling like the military has taken over their life. I had thought that I could write about life in general: being a Christian, Navy life, health and fitness, and so on. But I don’t count myself an expert on everything – this I told her. She encouraged me to write anyway. People like to hear from people going through what they are right now. They want to read about real life. I knew that as I found my way, I could help others find their way too. When I found dry land, there would be a place for others too. Finding Land! That could be the name. And thus, Finding Land was born.

That conversation was a couple of weeks ago, but the more I have thought on this name, the more I like it. I do not come to you as an expert. Not even theologically. I have an MA in theology, but any Bible scholar knows that a master’s degree is just the beginning. I love to study and I love to learn. As I learn and grow, I will share. Whenever I find dry land, I will make sure there’s a spot for you to stand. This blog is for you – the military wife, the mom, the recent college grad, the single, the married, the in-between, and anyone else who wants to read. This blog is for the reader. We will learn together and we will find land together. I will share here my thoughts, joys, trials, heartaches, and victories. I will strive to be as open and honest as possible as I write. I will share what I am learning through being a Navy wife, wife life in general, writing, freelancing, God’s Word, my attempts at getting fit, and whatever else comes to mind as I go through life, Finding Land.


One thought on “Finding Land

  1. I love the name Rose! Like I said before, you can write! You are able to reach hearts. And your friend is right, people like to read about others that are going through the same things they are going through, or who had already been through it. Not that you have to have all the answers, but it’s comforting in knowing somebody is with you that understands. I look forward, (not only as your mother-in-law but) as a sister in the Lord, to reading as you journey❣️


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