Book Review: The Lost Letter

When I initially picked up this book, I was looking to read a historical fiction, but not a historical romance. Romance books are typically not my thing, but this was a sweet, quick read. It did drive me a little nuts because I kept rooting for the main characters to practice better communication and just outright ask the other why there were no responses to their letters. But alas, book characters do not listen to readers and open communication between men and women was not common in Victorian England.


Overall, I did not find this book particularly riveting. I was not invested in the story as much as I would have hoped, past my desire for the main characters to actually communicate. The story was nothing mind-blowing or unique. I enjoyed reading it, but I wasn’t hanging on every word. The story was a sweet, average, quick read with a satisfying ending.

I give The Lost Letter three stars.

I received a digital copy of The Last Letter in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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