About That Reading Challenge…

If you’ve been with me since the beginning of this year, you know that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to attempt the Tim Challies Reading Challenge. My goal was to complete the entire challenge: 104 books. On top of planning a wedding, taking an extra heavy load in my last semester of grad school, working as a graduate assistant, navigating newlywed life, taking an online class, getting into the freelancing and writing world, becoming a blogger, and learning how to be a Navy spouse. Obviously, you can probably see how this worked out.

I am currently (according to my Goodreads account) 43 books behind in my pacing on this challenge. In total, I have 77 books left to read. Not to mention that I’ve completely fallen off the wagon as far as reading each type of book Challies lists in his challenge. Thus, I am revising my goals.

In order to reach my goal of 104 books in a year, I will need to read 4-5 books per week. This is something that is decently possible for me, especially the way and rate at which I read books. But some weeks this isn’t realistic. I will be relocating before the end of this year, so time to read may not be as available as I would like.

Therefore, here are my revised goals:

  1. I am discarding the Tim Challies reading list. It’s a fantastic list and I hope to fully pursue this challenge another year. However, because of the timing and my current circumstances, I have decided that this is not the year I will be completing the list. 
  2. In a perfect world, I will still read 104 books this year. 
  3. In a realistic world, I would like to read a total of 52 books this year. I’m already halfway to this goal and have been finishing books at a fast rate than I was earlier in the year. This means I’ll have to read three books a week. 
  4. I will accomplish the realistic goal (and hopefully, the perfect goal) in this way:
    • I will listen to an audiobook any time I am alone in the car, shopping, working out alone, or doing busy work. 
    • At least one book a week will be a book to review from Net Galley. 
    • At least one book a week will be a Kindle Unlimited book.

I am already preparing my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018. The premature preparation is due to a couple of challenges I am building for myself. One of these challenges involves my personal bookshelf, which is partly why I’m not currently prioritizing hard copy books. I will be publishing a series of posts in December detailing these challenges so you can join me in attempting one or more of these challenges! Stay tuned…



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