New Adventures and a Small Update

Since my post my post from last month on what I’m doing next, a lot has happened. Some of it affects how my blog operates, so I thought I would take the time to do a check-in post with how I’m doing. I noted three primary goals I had for my “next.”

  1. Post on this blog regularly.
  2. Begin researching for my first book.
  3. Search for a freelance writing/editing job.

Each of these goals is being met with varying levels of success. I have managed to put out two posts per week on my blog and plan to continue doing so. I have several ideas for what to write about in my head, and they’re not about to go away or stop coming! I have also started freelancing through Upwork. I have gotten a great response from my clients and have even picked up a regular or two! There have been some challenges, something I plan to write about. The research process for my book has been slower than I’d hoped. I’ve been busy with my other two goals as well as some personal goals and I’m still learning to balance my days accordingly. When it comes to my research, I want to be able to spend stretches of several hours at a time poring through Scripture, exegeting, and gleaning information. Sometimes, my days do not afford me this stretch of time. Other times, I discover I have missed my perfect window of opportunity. But fret not! I have actually really started my research and it is helping me figure out a more solid direction and focus for my book. I am planning something that will help me focus on pushing myself to sit down and do the thing. More on that in a minute. 😉

Through my pursuit of these goals, I have started some new and fun things!

First, I have signed up on NetGalley to review advanced copies of new and upcoming books. It’s a pretty sweet deal: they provide me with a free digital copy of a book that has not yet been released. In exchange, I rate the book and provide an honest review. I have done two book reviews on my blog so far, but only one through NetGalley. I have another NetGalley book in my queue to read and review very soon!

Second, I have registered to do NaNoWriMo! This is something I have wanted to do since I first heard about, but never had the time (thanks to college and graduate school). But now, I feel like I have the time and opportunity before me to attempt my first NaNoWriMo. If you’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo, it’s short for National Novel Writing Month. Every November, writers all over the world each attempt to write their own 50,000 word novel in one month. Typically, participants write, well, a novel. However, I will be doing my first NaNoWriMo as a NaNo Rebel. Sounds edgy, doesn’t it? At this point in my life (as I’ve mentioned previously), I do not wish to write fiction. This may change as time goes on and as I grow as a writer, but I feel that my strengths lie in non-fiction writing. As such, my “novel” will actually be my rough draft of my book project. The finished project will likely be longer than 50,000 words, but NaNoWriMo is intended to be my jump-start. This also means I will be announcing my book sometime in October and also doing a title contest. More to come on that!

Third, I am now officially an affiliate on Book Depository. If you’re not familiar with their affiliate program, essentially I provide links to their website and specific books, authors, and topics on their website. In exchange, I receive a small commission for every sale I generate. This doesn’t add any cost to you and it (along with freelancing) helps me continue to be the coffee-drinking, hipster, nerdy writer that I am. Every time I review a book, my affiliate link to that book will be embedded in every mention of the book’s title. I’ll include a note about my link at the bottom of each book, just in case you forget. 😉 This is by no means intended to pressure you into buying the books I review! But if you read one of my reviews and decide you want to read that particular book, the link is there for you to use as a quick, easy way to order the book (with free shipping!).

That’s it for all the updates, for now at least! I’m looking forward to what I have to post in the coming weeks!


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