2017 NaNoWriMo: “Novel” Announcement!

As I mentioned in a recent update post, I have officially signed up to participate in the 2017 NaNoWriMo! Yes, I am participating in National Novel Writing Month even though I have often stated that my strengths lie in non-fiction. I will be participating in NaNoWriMo in the way I know best: as a NaNo Rebel. Being a NaNo Rebel means the participant will be breaking a rule of some sort. For me, this means I will be breaking probably the most significant rule of NaNoWriMo: that the book must be a novel.

As I also mentioned in my update post, my participation in NaNoWriMo is intended to jumpstart my first book project. I have been doing research, but the amount of potential that can be (and has been) found in my topic makes research daunting. It’s very easy to lose oneself in the forest of this topic. It’s a difficult one, but one that I am passionate about. You may hear me say that a lot – that a particular topic is one that I am passionate about. Each time I say that, it is true. Part of being me is also finding a deep and passionate interest in a large variety of topics within one overarching umbrella: theology. Part of my struggles in my research has been that I am easily distractible. I read a passage pertaining to my topic, notice something else in the passage and start following a rabbit trail of interpretations, concepts, and exegesis. It’s fun in the moment, but then I end up with a lot of new stuff to talk about everything that has nothing to do with my topic. Whoops.

I am using NaNoWriMo as a push to get myself out of my research rut and into the thing that scares me the most: writing the thing. Because if I write the thing, people will read the thing, and maybe they won’t like the thing, or maybe I will say the wrong thing in the thing, and maybe that one teacher from that one class will read the thing and remember me and wonder why they ever thought I’d amount to something. NaNoWriMo is me standing up and facing my fears. Facing the lies I tell myself. Facing the things that stop me from writing despite the bubbling fountain of thoughts and information and curiosities that pours forth from my mind on a daily basis.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You get to see what all of this is all about.

My NaNoWriMo Rebel book, my very first book project is….

A biblical theology of women.

In this book, I intend to take on the tasking of walking through biblical accounts that have women as central and/or significant players as well as passages that address women in both the Old and New Testaments. This is not a task I take lightly. At the end of November, whether or not I reach 50,000 words, my work will have just begun. I expect this project to take at least a year, if not longer. I am approaching this topic as a student  of the Word. I may have a Master’s degree in theology, but I still have much to learn. I always will. I learned many things as an MA student. The lesson that stood out the most to me is this: the more that I know, the more I realize just how much I do not know. With this in mind, I am approaching this project with the utmost of humility and the most open of hearts to learn. I want to be challenged, shaken, confused, and teachable. What I learn, I will share. My dry land will have a spot for you as well.

A vital part of a book is the title. A book needs a title in order to be published. It needs a title that is true to the themes found in the book that is also captivating enough for someone in Barnes and Noble to pick it in over the next book (or, if you’re like me, in addition to). I am at a complete loss for a title. I expected it to come to me as I wrote. However, part of participating in NaNoWriMo means I need a title for my book. As such, I will be holding a contest through the rest of October to select a title. Details for the contest will be in the next post!


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