Book Review: Poisonfeather

You may remember that I recently read (and reviewedThe Short Drop by Matthew FitzSimmons, the first book in the Gibson Vaughn series. Poisonfeather is the second book.

In many ways, this book could be a standalone. There was not much about the book was connected to the previous one, save a few references to the events of The Short Drop (including being partly the reason why the people who recruit Gibson for another dangerous adventure know he’s up for the task). I was slightly disappointed in the book because while it’s not a true sequel in that it doesn’t directly continue the events of the previous book, you can’t read it without having read the first book. Unless you like spoilers.

Like I mentioned above, in Poisonfeather, Gibson is recruited to help with a dangerous mission. This time, to track down and retrieve the fortune that Charles Merrick has somehow continued to grow despite being behind bars. Gibson must track down this money and figure how Merrick is investing it before he is released from jail in less than a month.

This story, like its predecessor, is complex and contains numerous twists, turns, and surprises. Unfortunately, I felt that this book dragged a little and moved slower than the previous book. Getting to the end, I felt less sorry to see a great story go and more relieved that it was finally over. I continue to hold onto hope that the third book will be better, but not as strongly as before.
Overall, I give Poisonfeather by Matthew FitzSimmons 3/5 stars.

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