Book Review: Her Final Breath

Her Final Breath by Robert Dugoni is the second of six books in the Tracy Crosswhite Series. As a kid, I wanted to be a detective. Or a spy. Something where I could investigate crimes, solve mysteries, and find murderers. I even went through this phase where I spent all of my allowance money on “spy gear.” There was a whole brand of toys that probably made bank off of me. And I loved it! I had a little compact, spyglasses, walkie talkies, the whole shebang. For a brief period in college (when I was trying to figure out what major to stick with), I considered studying criminal justice and either training to be part of the FBI or go to law school. That, along with culinary arts to become a pastry chef, communications or business to become an HR representative, and the list goes on. Maybe what makes me a good writer is that I find so many jobs and lines of work so fascinating. Anyway, the dream has mostly faded, although sometimes I do still think it would be a interesting job to work at a police station or detention center. Along with all the other cool prospective jobs. If it didn’t look so bad on a resumé to have so many short term jobs, I would probably just spend my life career and experience hopping. But I digress.

Clearly, the Tracy Crosswhite Series is about a detective. I enjoyed the first book enough to pick up the second book, Her Final Breath. And wow, I’m so glad I did! While the first book was a little slow and focused primarily on a hearing and flashbacks, the second book picked up the pace very quickly! Dugoni has definitely found his way with murder  mysteries. The books are well-researched and quite believable. This puts these books on a plane higher than many books in this genre, since a lot them follow their own path with no care for how a police department may actually operate. Perfection isn’t necessary, but understanding of how something works is. And Dugoni demonstrates that he took the time to be as accurate as possible. herfinalbreath

Her Final Breath follows Tracy as she investigates a series of murders committed by a man dubbed “the Cowboy.” You as the reader get to listen in on interviews, feel the frustration of dealing with the nosy reporter Maria VanPelt, and lead the task force along with Tracy. You also get to watch the story through the eyes of her stalker (a carry over from the first book) and even get a small glimpse into the world of the Cowboy. This story was fast paced, suspenseful, and kept me hooked until the very end.

If you enjoy a good mystery, you will love the Tracy Crosswhite series! Definitely do not let the slowness of the first book deter you. It lays the groundwork for the fast pace of the second book and, hopefully, the others that follow. I’m definitely looking forward to picking up the next book as soon as possible!

Her Final Breath by Robert Dugoni gets 4/5 stars.

You can find Her Final Breath at either Amazon or Book Depository


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