Book Review: The Trapped Girl

I have completed another installment in the Tracy Crosswhite series by Robert Dugoni! It’s been a while since I’ve been truly hooked on a book series and I am loving this.

Wow, this book. It was twists and turns and unexpected moves from beginning to end! I loved following Tracy as she investigated a mysterious murder of a girl on the run. I did my best to stay ahead of her in guessing whodunnit and to whom and why, and did occasionally succeed. However, the ending blindsided me about as much as it did Tracy when she put the pieces together. And, happily, the character I was rooting for the most got the ending I hoped for them. thetrappedgirl

The Trapped Girl opens with a crabber discovering a body in a crab trap and doesn’t stop for a moment from there. Tracy and the story hit the ground running, trying first to find the identity of the girl and then to discover who killed her and why. The identity of the girl is discovered to be an alias, and things get crazier from there. Who was she hiding from? Why was she on the run? Is her supposed true identity who she really is?

What I also loved about this story is that it switches between Tracy’s point of view and the perspective of the girl in question, before she disappeared. You learn her story, see her struggles, and get to know her in a unique way. The Trapped Girl ends up being true to its title in more ways than one!

I also enjoyed the progress made in Tracy’s personal story. I was very satisfied with the ending both for the case she was on and for Tracy herself. I have already started on the next book in the series. I will be sad when its over!

The Trapped Girl by Robert Dugoni gets 4/5 stars.

You can find The Trapped Girl for purchase here and here.


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