Book Review: Close to Home

I have finished reading the fifth installment in the Tracy Crosswhite series. For now, it is the final installment. There is a sixth book, but it is not due to come out until the summer of 2018. I know, I’m disappointed too. I hate waiting for books to come out – part of the reason why I don’t mind being late to the party to book series and TV shows. The longer it takes me to discover a book series or TV show, the more I have to read or watch before I have to start waiting for more episodes with the rest of the world. Even better if the series is completed!

I will say, I am glad I found this series when I did. Even though I’ll have to wait six months to read the last book, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series and it’s reignited my love for detective stories and murder mysteries. closetohome

Ironically, Close to Home by Robert Dugoni hit close to home for me. When a young boy is killed in a hit and run accident, a petty officer in the Navy becomes the primary suspect. However, Tracy doesn’t get far into her investigation before the Navy claims jurisdiction over the case. After a key piece of evidence disappears, fingers are pointed, rumors start flying, and people start wondering if a coverup is taking place. Across town, another detective is investigating the heroin overdose and subsequent death of his young niece and the other deaths that are linked to hers. Things really blow up when it is discovered that the two cases are linked and something even worse was going on the night of the hit and run. The deeper Tracy gets into the investigation, the more secrets and deception are uncovered…

It was fun to read Close to Homesince it involved the Navy, the branch of the military my husband in which my husband serves. Dugoni seems to know his stuff about the Seattle area and the naval base in Bremerton, down to street names and building numbers! I’ve never been to the base there, but the details he provided impressed me. There were a few details he gave when talking about Navy culture that I felt missed the mark a little bit (primarily calling NWUs blueberries – I hear them called n-dubs more than I hear blueberries), but for someone who isn’t in the Navy he did a good job. Authors that do their research will always be my favorites over other authors, because it shows their commitment to their work. So I commend Dugoni for all the work he has done with the entire Tracy Crosswhite series. He clearly does his research and is committed to accurate details.

All in all, Close to Home was an excellent continuation of the Tracy Crosswhite series. I have thoroughly enjoyed not only following Tracy and her team through their cases, but also getting to know the characters and seeing the amazing character development.  This series has been a great read and I am sad to have to set it aside until the next book is released.

Close to Home by Robert Dugoni gets 4/5 stars.

You can find Close to Home for purchase here and here


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