Book Review: Working Fire

Yes, I have finished two books two days in a row. To be fair, I’ve been reading yesterday’s book since mid-October. Today’s book is an audiobook, and I’ve been spending a lot of time in the car recently. And just listening to it at home because I couldn’t put it down! workingfire

Working Fire by Emily Bleeker is a fascinating, suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat kind of novel. Each chapter had me hanging on every word as more and more secrets and deception unraveled. Told from the perspectives of two sisters, Working Fire is the story of a small-town shooting, lives on the line, and secrets upon secrets in a seemingly normal family.

In the wake of a shooting, and as Amelia is on life support, teetering between life and death, Elly is left wondering who shot her sister and why. The confusion and deception Elly encounters as she attempts to pick up the pieces are intertwined with flashbacks to the weeks leading up to the shooting, from Amelia’s perspective. As things come to light for both Amelia and Elly, the seemingly simple, small-town family’s secrets start coming to light: and they aren’t pretty.

Working Fire was quite the fire-storm! Every chapter held some new level of suspense, ending in a way that kept you wanting to know more. In the end, a seemingly simple, black and white shooting turns out to be much more complicated, with much more sinister implications. Bleeker has woven a fascinating tale in line with the classic “small town with secrets” type of storytelling. There was, however, an unnecessary character or two, as well as unnecessary segue into another secret past that had honestly not much to do with the story (although the characters involved seem to think it did).

I enjoyed reading Working Fireand certainly did not want to put it down at parts. But, it was lacking that certain oomph that a really strong story needs.

Working Fire by Emily Bleeker gets 3/5 stars.

You can find Working Fire for purchase here and here



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