2018 Goals: Personal

My previous posts on my 2018 goals discussed my goals for reading and writing/blogging in the upcoming year. I have attempted to keep my goals manageable and limited to three categories: personal, recreational (reading), and professional (writing and blogging). I’ve shared my recreational and professional goals, so now I will share my personal goals.

My personal goals are a little more extensive and have more to do with habit-building than my other goals. I want to focus on the long-term and doing things in 2018 that will roll over into 2019 and beyond.

First, I plan to do two Whole30s, from start to finish. The first will be in January, the second in August. The Whole30, for those who have not heard of it, is essentially a lifestyle reset geared towards helping people achieve what its founder, Melissa Hartwig, calls “food freedom.” The main thrust behind it is that people are often enslaved by bad food habits and eating foods that may be affecting them negatively, and don’t really see a way of improving them. That is where the Whole30 comes in. For thirty days, you commit to going back to the basics, cutting out sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, etc. You eat real, whole food. I’ve wanted to try the Whole30 since I first learned about it. And now, I am dragging my husband into it and I am very excited to give it a try!

Second, I will be tracking my calorie intake for at least 200 days out of the year. Part of the Whole30 rules is that you cannot track your calorie intake or weight, so I decided on a smaller minimum goal.

Third, I will be active in some way or another at least 250 days out of the year. This could be going for a simple walk, going to the gym for cardio or weights, or even doing one of the numerous workout programs I have available to me. A secondary goal in this area will be to start hiking regularly: approximately twice a month after we move. This will depend a little bit on how cold it is, but I do want to get some winter hiking in as well!

Overall, my personal goals for 2018 are focused on improving my activity and eating habits. I want to focus on being more consistent with health and how I approach being healthy. I haven’t always been as consistent as I would like to be, and I want to change that.

In short, on the personal side of things, this year will be spent working towards three things:

  • Successfully completing two Whole30s (in January and August)
    • Join me or follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #findinglandwhole30!
  • Tracking my calorie intake for at least 200 days
  • Being active for at least 250 days, including going hiking a couple times a month after we move

I hope these posts about my goals have inspired you! Next week, I’ll be posting a summary of my goals for 2018. What are some of your goals for the upcoming year?


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