Goal Tracking

With all of these goals in place for the upcoming year, it’s important to have a way to make sure you’re achieving those goals. I’m a bit of a planner addict, and when I finished college and grad school, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t know if I’d really find a reason to have and use a planner again.

But then… I lived planner free.

Guys. I need a planner. Need.

I didn’t realize just how much having and using a planner had kept me focused on my goals and tasks. Just the simple act of writing down a task and when I’m going to do it is incredibly helpful for my productivity. So, when I was wandering Target one day looking for Christmas decorations and iron supplements, I found myself in the planner aisle. And, I found the perfect planner for 2018.

It has a monthly view and a page for each day, with room to schedule out my days. It has stickers and notes sections and it’s perfect. If a planner could be a new best friend, this planner would be mine.

I will use the time slots on the individual days pages to schedule my days, the notes sections make notes about where I’m at with my goals, and the stickers for added pizzaz. Having and using a planner will help keep me focused on my goals and know where I’m at with them.

If you struggle with staying organized and disciplined with your tasks and goals, I would highly encourage you to try using a planner. Being able to have a place to write down what I need to be doing and when really helps me stay disciplined. Writing it down is a commitment of sorts, and it creates a visual for you to see how it can be done. Using a planner breaks down your goals into one-day-at-a-time, manageable tasks.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by 250 days of exercise or 150 books in one year, I can take things one day at a time. On a Monday, I can start a new book and plan to go for a workout. If I want to go hiking that Saturday, I can plan some time on Wednesday to pick a trail. The possibilities are endless! Can you tell I love planners? 😉

This is just one way to stay organized and on task. What works for me may not work for you. But, I can say that in my experience, planners are extremely effective tools to use when you want to stay organized and on task.

What tools or methods do you use to stay focused on your goals? Let me know in the comments!



One thought on “Goal Tracking

  1. I’m using Google sheets on Google Drive. My entire 2018 plan is there on different tabs. I have my goals, reading lists, routine page, everything. And I can access it from my phone anytime.


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