The Whole30 Diaries: Round 1, Week 1

Each week, my husband, Reid, and I will be sharing our thoughts as we go through our first Whole30 together. We will be writing on this post each day as a sort of diary, sharing what each day is like for each of us as individuals. We’ll share our struggles, cravings, favorite foods, and our victories. Being who we are, it’s even bound to get a little (if not really) funny. I will also be sharing what we ate that day, to help anyone else going through a Whole30 now or in the future with meal and recipe ideas. And here it is! Week one of our first Whole30.

Day One: January 1, 2018

Reid: At brunch my first thought was “This needs cheese.”. My second thought was “and more eggs, jalapeños, bacon, avocado, onions, salt, and pepper, and less kale.”. Also sweet potatoes and almond butter do NOT go together in any circumstance. Dinner was awesome though. At one point I reeeeaaally wanted a hot dog for some reason. It’s a bit challenging to eat enough to not have to snack between meals but I’ll get through it. Dairy is definitely a hard thing to give up but its only a month so what’s the worst that could happen?

Rose: I felt that today went fairly well. We had a pretty relaxed day overall, so it made day one pretty easy. Well, I thought it was easy. Eight months into marriage, I still haven’t figured out that sometimes my food experiments are not even close to what my husband thinks are delicious. Like sweet potato toast and almond butter. I thought it was the best thing ever. Reid, as you can see, did not. Also, I knew we used a lot of cheese, but I didn’t realize just how much until I started cooking and planning meals without it. Wow! But a month without it won’t kill. It’s actually quite refreshing to open our fridge and kitchen cabinets and see only Whole30 compliant foods. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month holds.

Brunch – Egg scramble with kale, sweet potato, and red bell pepper; bacon; sweet potato toast with almond butter
Dinner – “Grilled” (on the cast iron grill) steak, roasted asparagus, and roasted red and yellow potatoes

Day Two: January 2, 2018

Reid: Today was somewhat easier and somewhat harder. It was easier in the sense that I’m starting to get used to what is allowed and what isn’t and how to make it flavorful. It was harder in that I realized that eating out would extremely difficult for the next few weeks and I’m still missing my dairy. But you can’t cry over spilled milk if you don’t have any to spill. Turning down cookies after giving blood was especially hard. Note: Don’t give blood while on whole 30.

Rose: Today was fairly easy for me. According to the book, Whole30: Day by Day, these first couple of days are supposed to be the hardest. Maybe it’s because I’m used to cutting out food (hello, celiac disease), or because I did 100 days without added sugar last year, but either way, this hasn’t been super challenging yet. I will say, packing a mini-meal to munch on after giving blood took some extra effort! But it was worth being able to turn down the bean soup and other goodies at the blood drive, and turn to my healthy snack. Hopefully the days will keep on being easy! The real challenge will probably be the days leading up to and including our move.

Meal 1 – leftover steak, roasted asparagus, and roasted red and yellow potatoes
Mini meal – cucumber and apple slices with almond butter
Meal 2 – Beef and broccoli and half a baked sweet potato topped with cinnamon (Reid and Rose) and almond butter (just Rose)

Day Three: January 3, 2018

Reid: We are trending upward, I may just make it. The breakfast quiche was amazing, I topped mine with some compliant hot sauce and it was delicious. The burgers were good as well (minus the kale). All in all it is getting easier, that being said, its really hard to be tempted when you don’t leave the house. Definitely would not recommend shopping on an empty stomach. 

Rose: Like I’ve mentioned the past couple of days, this hasn’t been very challenging so far. We cleaned out the non-compliant food from our cupboards, and since Reid is still off from work (yay for snow days!), we haven’t really been leaving the house. I think the real challenge will come when we need to plan ahead more for long days out of the house. The meals I’ve been making are all things I have wanted to make anyway and so far they’ve been delicious!

Meal 1 – sweet potato crusted quiche with half an apple and half an avocado on the side
Meal 2 – homemade hamburgers on a bed of kale topped with avocado and bacon, with half a sweet potato and roasted bell peppers, onions, and jalapeños
Mini meal – hazelnuts and cashews (Rose) and apple slices (Reid)

Day Four: January 4, 2018

Reid: Nothing new today, getting easier but only ate leftovers but they were good nonetheless. Do need to make sure we eat and drink enough though, some of these meals have been a bit light.

Rose: Today was easy food-wise, but I felt pretty tired all day, and just… off towards the end of the day. I think part of the problem is that we’re simply not eating enough meals. Eating two meals a day isn’t sustainable, so we need to fix that.

Meal 1 – sweet potato crusted quiche, with half an apple with cinnamon and half an avocado on the side
Meal 2 – Rose: hamburger topped with bacon, with a side of bell peppers and onions, sautéed kale, and half a sweet potato topped with almond butter // Reid: beef and broccoli, sweet potato with cinnamon, and bacon
Mini meal – hazelnuts and cashews with clementines (Rose)

Day Five: January 5, 2018

Reid: I cooked a massive breakfast feast consisting of 12 eggs, some zucchini, onions, bacon, and of course a marvelous blend of spices, hot sauce and jalapeños. Ensuring we got sufficient food for the day. We did have some leftovers but not as much as I expected. Big dinner too, and a bit spicy too, yum!  

Rose: Reid cooked breakfast today because your girl cut herself while trying to cook and almost passed out from lack of food. I felt really sick. So I laid down on the couch and ate some clementine pieces and drank water, and that helped. Reid’s massive homemade breakfast helped even more. I ate my entire half of his concoction. We still only ate two meals today, but they were bigger and heartier, so a definite improvement. One step at a time. Overall, today was rough (not cravings-wise, just how I was feeling), but I’m told it gets better from here!

Meal 1 -clementines (as a pre-breakfast “please don’t pass out” emergency meal for Rose), eggs scramble with zucchini, chicken and apple sausage, onions, and jalapeños, topped with salsa, with avocados and bacon on the side
Meal 2 – “egg roll in a bowl,” with broccoli, half an apple (with a little bit of almond butter (for Rose) and cinnamon), and clementines on the side (we also each had half a sweet potato with almond butter (for Rose) and cinnamon, but we were too full to eat it).

Day Six: January 6, 2018

Reid: We definitely need to work on the whole 3 meals a day thing but the food we’re eating is pretty good. Breakfast was another delicious quiche (topped with hot sauce of course). And dinner was amazing chicken tenders, asparagus, and some seriously killer sweet potato fries. As good as this food is I am certainly looking forward to In-and-Out Burger in a few weeks but it is definitely getting easier, hopefully that will continue.

Rose: Today was much better than yesterday! My brain fog was gone and I had much more energy. I was able to make breakfast and prep breakfast for next week. Tomorrow I plan on prepping some food for the rest of the week so it doesn’t take as long to make meals. I tried out my new air fryer for the first time for meal 2 – it is amazing! I will definitely be breaking it out for more meals. It’s crazy to think we’re almost to a full seven days on the Whole30. This definitely feels doable.

Meal 1 – sweet potato crusted quiche, apple slices with cinnamon, half an avocado, and half a sweet potato with almond butter (Rose) and cinnamon
Meal 2 – Whole30 chicken tenders, asparagus, and sweet potato fries

Well, that’s a wrap on week one! How is your Whole30 going? How are you feeling? Be sure to follow my Instagram for daily photos of what we’re eating on this Whole30. Six days down, twenty-four to go!


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