Dear Pro-Life Christian

Dear Pro-Life Christian,

Hey there. You may be reading this and thinking, “isn’t saying pro-life Christian a little redundant? Wouldn’t every Christian automatically be pro-life?” That is what I once thought, too. Unfortunately, I was wrong. But that’s not what this letter is about. If you are a believer and consider yourself to be pro-life, this letter is for you.

Speak out. Seriously. Speak. Out. Stand up for what is true and what is right. Be an advocate and a voice for those who cannot speak and cannot advocate for themselves. Call abortion what it is: murder, the taking of an innocent life. Be passionate.

But also, be caring. In your pursuit to speak for those who have no voice, also be a safe place for the orphans, widows, and destitute who believe they have no hope. Be a warm bed and a meal, be a forever home for the child who could not (or would not) be kept by his or her biological parents.

Why do I say these things? If you are pro-life, we likely believe the same things about abortion: that is is the killing of a human life. It is murder. It results in the death of a human being in his or her most helpless state. You know these things in your head and heart. You know the way God loves and cares for even the tiniest of children. You know he knitted each of us together in our mothers’ wombs, and that our conceptions were no accident.

Then why, I ask you, do you concede? Why do you hide? Why, when a fellow believer gets slammed for standing up for what is right and calling abortion what it is, you waffle, saying that you’re “pro-life” but “would never act like that.” Why wouldn’t you? If your friend or neighbor was being killed right before your eyes, wouldn’t you stop them? If someone told you, “I am going to kill this person, I have a plan, here is what I’m going to do,” wouldn’t you call that murder? Wouldn’t look for any way you could to prevent this from happening? Yes, yes you would. You would call the police, you would make sure someone is protecting the potential victim, you would hunt down the person who is intending to kill.

So why do we not do this for the hundreds of babies being brutally murdered every single day? 

The womb was created to be a place of safety. A place where a baby could grow, develop, and prepare for life on the outside without fear of being harmed. Because of the fall, the womb does not always do what it was created to do. Sometimes, it malfunctions, spontaneously pushing a growing baby from his or her once safe place, causing a miscarriage. Sometimes, something goes wrong from conception, genetics are messed up, the baby develops incorrectly, and passes away either right before or right after delivery. This happens, and it is heartbreaking. It is immensely difficult to go through, and has ripped apart the hearts of countless parents. But most of the time, the womb is safe. The mother’s body spends the full forty weeks of pregnancy focused on making sure the baby develops correctly and is healthy. The science behind pregnancy is incredible and beautiful. It is creation imitating the creator in the way it was designed to: life creating life.

But humans, in their sin, have decided that the womb is not intended to be a safe place for a baby. The mother is the landlord and can evict a tenant of the womb if he or she is not wanted, for no reason other than, “I just don’t want a baby” or “I’m just not ready.” These are not the only two reasons a woman chooses to kill her child, but they make up a lot of what I have seen and heard from women who choose to have abortions. Others cite traumatic experience tied to the pregnancy (rape) or even less-than-ideal situations (still in school, abusive spouse/partner, lack of financial stability, etc). Governments all over the world have decided that these reasons are good enough to kill a child who did nothing but exist either as a result of a situation or despite one.

Instead of fixing the justice system so that rapists stop getting off scot-free or providing resources for struggling mothers to obtain better paying jobs, finish their education, or get out of an abusive situation, our government has decided their time is better spent providing pregnant moms with new ways and more time to decide to kill their babies. Now, as a believer, I believe that the government’s only job out of those listed in this paragraph is to ensure a justice system that provides actual justice for rape victims. The government has no business doing things that Christians have been called to do. Private organizations everywhere have been established to help those in need: homeless shelters, women’s shelters, private employers, scholarship foundations, crisis pregnancy centers like CareNet, adoption agencies, and so on.

In this day and age, no woman has any valid reason to get an abortion. And let me be clear: I am not talking about medically inducing the delivery of a child who has already passed away. I am talking about forcibly removing a living baby from his or her mother’s womb, with the intent of ensuring his or her death. This is wrong. This is murder. This is the opposite of caring.

But why tell you all of this? If you are pro-life Christian, you know all of these things. You believe that abortion kills babies. You believe in adoption, fostering, women’s shelters, and crisis pregnancy centers. So why am I addressing you, and not those who think the killing of innocent children is okay and even a human right?

Because this needs addressing. This necessitates speaking to every pro-life Christian who will listen. Too many pro-life believers bow out of the conversation the minute someone gets offended. Too many act as if calling abortion what it is, is the worst thing a person could do. And don’t think I’m pulling this out of a hat – I’m not. I have watched, helpless, as conversations unfold in which someone who claims to be pro-life says “how horrible it is that someone would telling you abortion is murder.” If this makes you uncomfortable, it may be time to ask yourself: just how sugar-coated is your faith? Are you more concerned with getting along with everybody or with doing what is right?

There are things and issues to be careful about when they come up in “polite society.” If a man is telling you about his husband and how cute their adopted son is, that is not the time to smack them over the head and scream, homosexuality is a sin. This is a situation where you do more for the Gospel when you show care and interest in their child and what they’re telling you, instead of making sure they know exactly why they’re bound for hell.

But when someone discusses their plans to kill their baby, that is when you speak up. That is when you say, Please let this child live. If you feel that you cannot care for this child I will adopt him or her/I know a couple who would love to adopt/etc. If you think going through with this pregnancy is going to be hard on you mentally, emotionally, physically, etc, let me walk with you through this. I will be your friend, your advocate, the person you can come to when it feels like too much. Let me introduce you to Jesus, who has promised to be with us even through the darkest of valleys. 

Be compassionate, but be serious. A woman considering an abortion likely has much more going on in her life than simply an “unwanted pregnancy.” Show her that you are on her side. That true love advocates for life and true love tells you the hard things. Change starts with you. It starts with reaching out to that one person who may be considering an abortion, and lovingly advocating for life.

Do not sit idly by. Do not be silent. Speak out. Die. On. This. Hill. Life is at stake.

With love,
A sister in Christ


One thought on “Dear Pro-Life Christian

  1. Awesome post! As my favorite sage of wisdom, Dennis Prager says, “Have standards in the macro and compassion in the micro.”


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