The Whole30 Diaries: Round 1, Week 2

Each week, my husband, Reid, and I will be sharing our thoughts as we go through our first Whole30 together. We will be writing on this post each day as a sort of diary, sharing what each day is like for each of us as individuals. We have reached the end of week two, and are almost to the halfway point!

Day Seven: January 7, 2018

Reid: Having 3 meals today was great, probably won’t need to snack much if this keeps up. Still miss cheese but it won’t be long. Kinda bummed about the non compliant Larabars but we got some good ones too. And some knowledge from my childhood helped out in finding pasta sauce (Hi Mom!). Still no BBQ sauce though, we’re on our own for that one, but every day is easier and the food is getting better so thats a plus. And now we’re already a quarter of the way through. We’ll be there soon.

Rose: Day seven, and we finally ate three square meals. I’m feeling satiated and the meals were great. I didn’t prep extra meals as planned, but that’s okay. We did do a grocery run after church. Trying to find compliant food can be so frustrating! I accidentally grabbed nuts roasted in peanut oil (peanuts are a no-no) and Larabars (for taste testing for our road trip later in the month) that aren’t compliant. It was also hard to find pasta sauce or a nut butter that was compliant (we found some sauce, but no nut butters – good thing I still have plenty of compliant almond butter!). Ugh. Oh well. We’re still eating well, and through eye-averting and the avoidance of certain aisles, no temptation overcame us!

Meal 1 – sweet potato crusted quiche; half an avocado; half an apple with cinnamon
Meal 2 – leftover egg roll in a bowl; broccoli; half a red bell pepper; pistachios (Rose); sunflower seeds (Reid); clementines (Rose); coffee with frothed compliant almond milk (Rose)
Meal 3 – steak; zucchini, yellow squash, and eggplant; roasted potatoes

Day Eight: January 8, 2018

Reid: Today was a little rough, first day back at work in 9 days, but there were definitely some good parts too. The hardest part was being hungry and smelling pizza, oh sweet pizza… what was I saying? Oh right, the good stuff. So Rose heated up dinner and sat down with me to eat and goes “Oh I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture.” And I’m like “You’re so basic.” And she says “It’s for my….”. “Instagram?” I suggest. “Yeah…” she says, proving my point. It was hilarious and we had a good laugh.

Rose: Today was, in a word, weird. Reid went back to work, and it all just went downhill from there. He had to stay longer than we thought, we ran all over town, didn’t eat lunch until after 2 pm (after having breakfast at 6 am), and, against my better judgment, I warmed up leftovers for dinner instead of making something new. I try to reserve leftovers for lunchtime, but by the time I got around to making dinner, we were both so tired and so hungry, I went with the leftovers. Future me can deal with it. On the upside, we finally watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and I love it!!!

Meal 1 – Whole30 Breakfast Casserole; half an avocado; half an apple with almond butter (Rose) and cinnamon
Meal 2 – leftover Whole30 chicken strips; green peans; pistachios
Meal 3 – leftover steak; zucchini, yellow squash, and eggplant; roasted potatoes

Day Nine: January 9, 2018

Reid: I seem to be getting a little tired of the breakfast casserole, not sure if its the brussels sprouts or the onions but I’m ready for a change of pace. Lunch was really good, almost like a stir-fry bowl, nice and spicy. Dinner was well….a bit bland. I also discovered a restaurant in Greenville called Takosushi that serves southwest and Asian food which just sounds amazing, unfortunately for it to be worth eating there on our trip west I’d have to break the whole 30, I think that will be my biggest challenge. I sorta tried to get Rose to break to see if there was a change of partaking in the glorious Takosushi, but she didn’t budge, which makes me proud but also a little sad. Stay tuned for more Reid vs. Restaurant…

Rose: I am so tired today. Like sit down with the intent of getting things done and then just staring at the wall instead tired. It was hard to get the energy up to to cook meals. Present me was a little perturbed with past me over the leftovers thing, but I got over it. I tossed some remnant leftovers and other ingredients together for lunch, and then remember my crockpot existed for dinner. I need to use that thing more often because it is seriously a lifesaver. But also next time season the meat so it isn’t so bland….

Meal 1 – Whole30 Breakfast casserole; half an avocado; half an apple with cinnamon
Meal 2 – Remnant leftovers of green beans and Reid’s egg concoction sautéed with chicken and apple sausage, zucchini, and yellow squash (yes, it was weird, yes, it was also good)
Meal 3 – Crockpot skirt steak, broccoli, kale, and red bell pepper

Day Ten: January 10, 2018

Reid: Yeah yesterday “pizza” was probably my most used word, it was a tough day, but today was actually pretty easy for me. Seems like Rose has been having a tough couple days which is honestly surprising considering she’s had it easier than me up to this point, or so it feels like anyways. I think I pretty much have a handle on things for now. That last week is going to be the true test as I try not to crack under the pressure of amazing cuisine. Fortunately, Rose is stronger with that than I am and she’s gotta eat too, but I’ll cross (or burn) that bridge when I come to it. 

Rose: Last night ended with a dull headache, and this morning I was welcomed into the day with a pounding headache that later turned into a migraine. Yay, me! I don’t get migraines often, but thankfully I have something to take when I do get them. But between my head trying to murder me and not feeling well in general, my morning plans to go to Whole Foods were kind of a bust. I took a nap and felt somewhat better. This is supposedly one of the hardest days of the Whole30, and I do believe that. Between the migraine, a random all-day cheese craving, and all the non-compliant food in my Instagram feed, it was really tempting to quit today. But quit I did not (as I drag my pizza, tacos, and sushi-craving husband with me) and I have finished off another day of Whole30!

Meal 1 – Whole30 Breakfast casserole
“Emergency” Snack – coconut cream pie Larabar (Rose)
Meal 2 – Leftover skirt steak, broccoli, kale, and red bell pepper with homemade barbecue sauce
Meal 3 – fajitas on top of cilantro lime cauliflower rice, with avocado and a clementine

Day Eleven: January 11, 2018

Reid: Today wasn’t bad. Overall the days are getting easier, but I’m really excited to get some cheese. Lunch and dinner were both really good, especially the sweet potato fries from the air fryer, seriously amazing. Well we’re over a third of the way through so hopefully I’ll make it.

Rose: Today was a pretty easy day. Reid got off work early, and I was able to make a nice lunch and dinner. Needless to say, I’m a little obsessed with my air fryer. The one hard thing was, when I was putting together the spaghetti squash and meat sauce, I kept thinking about how it would taste even better with some parmesan sprinkled throughout. Needless to say, the cheese cravings have been a little persistent.

Meal 1 – Whole30 Breakfast casserole
Meal 2 – Steak, sweet potato fries, bell pepper, and apple slices with almond butter (Rose) and cinnamon
Meal 3 – spaghetti squash with meat sauce

Day Twelve: January 12, 2018

Reid: Breakfast today was a classic quick breakfast. Lunch was some killer leftovers and some breakfast casserole. The chicken soup wasn’t super great but then again I’ve never really been the biggest fan of homemade chicken soup, but I spiced it up quite a bit. Got out some of the spiciest seasoning we have, scorpion pepper salt, and added a whole bunch. That really kicked it up a notch.

Rose: I went to Starbucks today to read while Reid was at work. I have been inside a Starbucks since we started Whole30, and this is my second time going at all this month. They have a new blonde espresso and signs were up everywhere for it. It was so tempting to get a flat white or latte and break the Whole30. I even bargained with myself, what if I got sugar free syrup and almond milk? But I already knew Starbucks almond milk isn’t compliant, and SF syrup is in no way in the spirit of Whole30. So I ordered my black coffee and settled in with my book. No regrets at all and it was a great book! The chicken soup was also a perfect idea for dinner for this dreary, rainy day.

Meal 1 – eggs, bacon, and avocado
Meal 2 – leftover fajitas with cauliflower rice and the last of the Whole30 breakfast casserole
Meal 3 – chicken soup

Day Thirteen: January 13, 2018

Reid: It was nice to get a whole lot of sleep today and on top of that the food was really good. The breakfast hash was surprisingly delicious despite not containing any eggs. And dinner was also really great, especially those fries but i could definitely have used some cheese fries. Soon.

Rose: We only had two meals again today, but we slept through breakfast, so that’s why. We definitely ate enough and are not dealing with any hunger! We made some more definite plans for our upcoming road trip that will make finishing off our Whole30 while moving much easier. And we may or may not have already planned for some “treat” meals once the thirty days are up. I guess time will tell if we really enjoy these meals as much as we think we will! I do think I’ll be excited to eat cheese again.

Meal 1 – Taco Hash with avocado and bacon
Meal 2 – chicken and apple sausage, zucchini, and potatoes

There you have it, another week down! Some things were easier, and others were harder. But all in all, we did well, despite pizza and cheese cravings galore! And I think I’m getting in a groove with recipes. Thirteen days down, seventeen to go!


One thought on “The Whole30 Diaries: Round 1, Week 2

  1. Awesome!!!! Love to read your experiences!!
    I’m not exactly following the whole30 but I’m not eating anything off it. Basically I’m not eating fruit right now. Will reintroduce fruit after the 30 days. The first couple of days I had a hard time sleeping and felt tired. Then I had a hard time sleeping but woke up with LOTS of energy! It was amazing!! I got up after 3-4 hours of sleep dancing!! Then on day 9 I woke up in a slump, which lasted until yesterday, day 13. Felt better that day and today. And the dreams I have had!!! Lots of dreams about accidentally eating sweets and I had dreams about customers I had in my 20’s!! But I slept great last night. I am just beginning the “It Starts with Food” book. On chapter 4. Enjoying it very much! God has taken me on quite a journey with my eating and health and I always enjoy learning from a, (new to me) nutrition book and through others experiences. I am glad that I learned of whole30 from you two! I look forward to following the rest of your whole30 journey!
    And Hi Reid! 😄


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