The Whole30 Diaries: Round 1, Week 3

Each week, my husband, Reid, and I will be sharing our thoughts as we go through our first Whole30 together. We will be writing on this post each day as a sort of diary, sharing what each day is like for each of us as individuals. This week, we surpassed the halfway point, and are now on the downhill ride to the end!

Day Fourteen: January 14, 2018

Reid: Pretty easy day today, leftovers all day which were all good, especially those berries. That hit the spot. I can hardly believe that I’m about to move across country as an adult! So excited for this road trip, its going to be a blast! We also decided today to plan our trip to minimize our whole 30 time on the road (also allowing for a possible meal at Takosushi as well as some great places in the Niceville area). Overall it seems like as long as I eat enough I don’t really struggle with any sort of craving or anything, but when I’m a couple hours late for a meal anything looks delicious, especially things I haven’t had in a while. But I’m trying to avoid that, my schedule doesn’t really help but its better than it used to be that’s for sure.

Rose: I didn’t really do much actual cooking today – we had leftovers that had been in our fridge a couple days, and I wanted to get through those. We’re trying to make the most of everything in our fridge since we’re move soon (eleven days!!!), so I’m going to have to get pretty creative soon. I’m picking up a few more things tomorrow to round out our last few days in this house. I can’t believe it’s almost here. I didn’t even think about noncompliant food all day, I was too busy with our initial preparations for moving. This is going to be a busy week! I doubt we’ll be thinking too much about cheese with all we have to get done before next week.

Meal 1 – taco skillet with bacon and topped with an egg
Meal 2 – leftover chicken soup; frozen mixed berries and blueberries, Rose drizzled almond butter on hers
Meal 3 – leftover spaghetti squash with meat sauce with leftover potatoes

Day Fifteen: January 15, 2018

Reid: Breakfast and lunch were really good today. While I am genuinely having a hard time with food temptations when I’m hungry, as long as I keep myself occupied its not as bad. I do seem to get a liiiittle cranky when I’m really hungry though but we’re almost there. You might be wondering how dinner was, well I’m glad you asked. It was salty. It had some good flavors too but it went from hint-of-orange to pile-of-salt with every bite. The blueberries were really great though. They seem to really hit the spot when I’m feeling kinda snacky. The Larabars are pretty good though.

Rose: Today was pretty busy. After dropping Reid off at work, I went for a workout and then after cleaning up, went to Whole Foods and Trader Joes for some groceries. I ate a Larabar just before I went in to satiate the post-workout tummy grumblies, and also to prevent any noncompliant impulse buys. I found some RX bars for us to try, as well as some other things we needed like produce and even a rotisserie chicken for lunch! Trader Joe’s had some meat I hadn’t been able to find at other stores (ground chicken and compliant spicy sausage) and two kinds of nut butter that I’ve been dying to try! Great day with a successful grocery trip. Hopefully it’ll be my last before the move! The compliant sesame chicken did not go as well as planned. The aminos I used made it really salty and we were both really bloated at bedtime. I will need to tweak this recipe if I want to use it again…

Meal 1 – eggs, bacon, and chicken and apple sausage
Mini meal – coconut cream pie Larabar
Meal 2 – cajun rotisserie chicken, green beans, and sweet potato fries
Meal 3 – compliant sesame chicken, cilantro lime cauliflower rice, frozen blueberries with almond butter

Day Sixteen: January 16, 2018

Reid: I still don’t know about this whole “Tiger Blood” thing. Sounds kinda dark. Lunch was good though, nice and simple. It was also late partially to trying to make sure we weren’t missing any paperwork or anything for getting out of this place. But if possible I would recommend minimizing the amount of time you spend being hungry cause that is when you’ll break. I’ve come close a few times and those times are by far the hardest. Oh and RX bars (no idea what the “RX” stands for but I’m pretty sure its not reactor) are good as well.

Rose: In the Whole30 world, there is something known as “Tiger Blood” that typically shows up sometime after the halfway point of your Whole30. Essentially, it’s copious amounts of energy that doesn’t go away all day long. I think I had my first taste of it today! After getting home this morning, I went straight to the kitchen and spent three hours giving it a very thorough deep clean. Corners I didn’t know existed are now spotless and sparkly. I even forgot about lunch until mid-afternoon! Sorry, Reid! I love how this way of eating makes me feel. I definitely want to keep as close to compliant as possible between rounds.

Meal 1 – chocolate sea salt RX bar
Meal 2 – eggs, bacon, avocado, and blueberries
Meal 3 – chili lime chicken burger topped with bacon, bell peppers and onions, and sweet potato topped with cinnamon and almond butter

Day Seventeen: January 17, 2018

Reid: The chicken zucchini poppers were really good and very different. The leftovers were good though and the sweet potato fries I feel like I still can’t get enough of. Hunger struggles are a real thing. Be careful spending time around delicious non-compliant food.

Rose: Today was a little funky, since we only ate two meals plus a “mini meal.” We were able to sleep in a little bit today, so that was part of it. But, I used the ground chicken I found at Trader Joe’s and zucchini that I grated to make these chicken zucchini poppers. They were so good!! I’m really enjoying experimenting with new recipes and food combinations. The Whole30 is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me more creative!

Meal 1 – leftover chili lime chicken burger, bell peppers and onions, bacon, and avocado
Mini Meal – apple pie Larabar, two clementines
Meal 2 – zucchini poppers and sweet potato fries

Day Eighteen: January 18, 2018

Reid: Yeah the overpriced meat sticks were nothing to write home about. They had a weird texture, they were kinda dry, and had a weird aftertaste. I’m not noticing significant increases in energy but thats ok, someone has to be there when Rose is done bouncing off the walls. That being said, all the other food today was great! I of course dumped a truckload of red pepper flakes into my spaghetti squash to spice things up a bit. It could still use some parmesan though.

Rose: So, we tried Epic bars this morning and… well… not a big fan. The texture is odd for a meat bar, and the taste was really strong in a not so great way. They weren’t gag-worthy but I won’t be buying them again. They were good to try once, though. I got another workout in today! And that tiger blood is still going strong. I’m not going crazy with energy, but I’m definitely noticing higher energy levels.

Meal 1 – Epic bar, one clementine, and half an apple topped with almond butter
Meal 2 – eggs topped with avocado and salsa, bacon, pan-cooked zucchini
Meal 3 – spaghetti squash with meat sauce

Day Nineteen: January 19, 2018

Reid: Today was a good day. Much cleaning was accomplished and we feel much better about leaving in just a few short days. (Ahhh!) The inconvenience of the Whole30 is definitely going to be a hurdle on that last night and probably the following day for lunch. Hopefully the last few days won’t be too difficult, I’m ready to explore some new restaurants to the west.

Rose: Today was kind of busy. My parents came and brought my other bookshelf in preparation for the upcoming move. We also got things more organized for the move. It’s hard to believe we only have a few days left in this apartment! The real challenge with Whole30 is coming: trying to maintain it while also trying to clean out the fridge and be on the road. Thankfully, we’re spending the last few days of Whole30 at my parent’s, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Meal 1 – mixed berry RX bar
Meal 2 – leftover cajun rotisserie chicken and roasted broccoli and zucchini
Meal 3 – leftover spaghetti squash with meat sauce

Day Twenty: January 20, 2018

Reid: The struggle is still very much alive. It feels like it hasn’t been that long since we’ve been doing this but also like it has been months. Probably because we try to eat fairly healthy at home anyways, we just might need to be a little healthier. I made a sauce to go with our chicken tenders for dinner and I absolutely nailed it. It’s basically a compliant, spicy, Chick-Fil-A sauce. If you would like the recipe please remind me at a future date to figure out the proportions of what I put in there, because when I make a homemade sauce I pretty much just eye-ball the amounts of each ingredient and it usually comes out pretty well. But to give you an idea, it was mostly dijon mustard and tomato sauce with some garlic powder, red pepper flakes, either 3 or 4 different hot sauces, and a splash of orange juice. 

Rose: We are officially two-thirds of the way there!! Wow! It feels like this has gone by so fast, but also kind of slow. I don’t miss cheese as much as I thought I would, although I do miss the convenience of ordering out when I’m too tired to cook. But, I haven’t been as tired recently and cooking at home is (typically) way healthier than eating out.My parents even loved the lunch I made for all of us today! This is doable. This is sustainable (with a few foods that jive with us reintroduced after thirty days, of course).

Meal 1 – eggs and bacon
Meal 2 – turkey burger topped with bacon and dijon mustard, bell peppers and onions, and sweet potato fries
Meal 3 – almond flour coated chicken tenders, and Brussel sprouts, apples, and bacon skillet

That’s a wrap on week three! Only one more full week to go, then a partial week. Twenty days down, only ten (!!!) to go!.

Wait, wraps? Where? I wan’t one!


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