Still Alive / January Goals Recap

On the first of each month, I will look back at the previous month and evaluate how I did with reaching my 2018 goals. This will accomplish two purposes: first, it will keep me accountable. Second, it will give me a visual of where I’m at and where I need to improve in the coming month. You can find each monthly recap through the category tag, 2018 Goals.

Now, it is obviously not the first of February. But this is the first post I have published since January 21st. There are numerous, very valid reasons for this. I will delve a little more into this as I evaluate my January statistics. In a near-future post, I will also expound more on some things going on in my life that I have not spoken about online as of yet. These things going on directly affected how I accomplish certain goals for the year, and warrant their own post.

On to my January statistics:

  • Personal
    • Successfully complete two Whole30s (in January and August)  (so. close.)
      • I made it almost all the way through day 23 of my Whole30. Day 23 was spent in the ER, and ended in a recommendation to step back from Whole30 until it was more firmly understood what is going on. This was a very difficult decision, especially since I’m almost positive I’m the only person who has ever had to drop Whole30 because it accentuated health problems instead of helping them.
      • I know what this sounds like. It sounds like I was looking for an excuse. I was not. I was in love with the way I was eating. My husband can tell you how hard of a decision this was for me. But it needed to be made. I promise I will go further into why my Whole30 ended early, as well as why I likely won’t be doing an August.
    • Track my calorie intake for at least 200 days (did not apply)
      • Because I was on Whole30 for most of January, this goal did not apply
    • Be active in some way for at least 250 days (3/250 complete!)
      • I worked out 3 times this month. With all the chaos with moving, Reid’s schedule, and my fun little excursion to the ER and beyond, I count this a success.
      • I will be reevaluating this goal throughout February, and may make some adjustments, depending on some other factors.
  • Professional
    • Blogging
      • Publish a blog post every Tuesday and Friday morning (basically, kind of)
        • I published nine posts in the month of January. They did not fall on every Tuesday and Friday (recall my absence since January 21st), but they average out to that frequently. With the chaos of January, this is once again a success.
      • Have posts scheduled up to two weeks in advance (complete fail)
        • I was doing great, up until, well, life happened. I hate that excuse so much, especially when I make it. But, I also knew when making these goals that January and February were going to make it very hard to hit some of these goals. So far, January has played out as I suspected it would. It’s okay. I just need to stand back up and try to make next month better.
      • Publish a review of every book I read as I read them (I am bad at things)
        • Book reviews for January are either in the publishing queue or in progress!
    • Writing
      • Finish the first draft of Tears in the Garden
        • Plodding steadily along
      • Write for at least one hour a day, five days a week
        • Like with the “keeping posts scheduled two weeks in advance” goal, I kinda knew this would go to pot during January and February. I was right. At least, for January (and, spoiler alert, February is struggling too). But that is okay. Every day is a new day. Each month is a new month. I can do this.
  • Reading
    • Read a total of 150 books (on schedule!!)
      • I read twelve books in January! I almost read thirteen, but finished the thirteenth book on the afternoon of February 1st. Ah well. According to Goodreads, I’m on pace to hit my goal of 150 books read by December 31st.
    • Read or use as a reference every book on my bookshelf
      • Plodding steadily along – will pick up pace once these books get unpacked.
    • Read through one of my daily devotionals
      • Plodding steadily along!
    • Read all the way through the Bible
      • Plodding steadily along!

So, that’s January for you. This month can be characterized by doing my best despite circumstances. I plan on talking more about January in Tuesday’s post, but I wanted to get my monthly stats post up, along with a promise that more are coming! I will not be gone forever! Thank you for sticking with me. ❤


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