Book Review: The End of Oz

And just like that, I have completed the Dorothy Must Die books. The End of Oz was different from all the other books, in that it switches between Amy’s and Dorothy’s perspectives. So, yeah, spoiler alert: Dorothy still ain’t dead. This is especially relevant if you’ve read Yellow Brick War. At the end, you think the battle against Dorothy is over, and the next book will focus on the struggle to rebuild Oz after all the tragedy. But, no. You discover by the second or third chapter that Dorothy is still alive, kicking, and going strong.


I will admit: it was very interesting to read part of the story from Dorothy’s perspective. It gave a new angle on the story that you hadn’t seen before. You almost want to sympathize with Dorothy, but honestly, if you suspect that deep down inside, she’s still the worst, you are absolutely correct. But you do learn that she wasn’t always that way.

The story opens with preparations for Ozma’s official coronation as the true ruler of Oz. But things start falling apart once Amy and the gang discover that Dorothy has not died and she’s hanging out with the Nome King, who has kinda always wanted to rule Oz for himself. And, as usual, chaos ensues.

Despite the fact that I feel like this series was one book too long, The End of Oz had me hooked until the very end. As in, almost burned dinner because I couldn’t put it down had me hooked. The conclusion to this series was simultaneously satisfying and left room for the imagination. All in all, even though this full series would have been better done as a trilogy instead of four books, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and was sad to see it end.

Overall, The End of Oz by Danielle Paige gets 5/5 stars.

You can find The End of Oz for purchase on Amazon and Book Depository.


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