2018 Goals: February Recap

At the end of each month, I will look back at the month and evaluate how I did with reaching my 2018 goals. This will accomplish two purposes: first, it will keep me accountable. Second, it will give me a visual of where I’m at and where I need to improve in the coming month. You can find each monthly recap through the category tag, 2018 Goals.

I’m just going to say it right now: February was rough. We spent half the month on the road, and the other half unpacking and settling into our new home. So a lot of stuff went out the window, as I expected they would. But two rough months do not define a whole year. I have high hopes for March as we settle into “normal life.”

Here are my February statistics:

  • Personal
    • Successfully complete two Whole30s (in January and August) scrapped for the time being
      • See this post for why my January Whole30 was tragically cut short
      • Right now, I will not be doing another Whole30 in August. I will be reevaluating towards the end of the year and deciding whether or not I will attempt another in 2019.
    • Track my calorie intake for at least 200 days
      • 3/200 (including today)
    • Be active in some way for at least 250 days
      • 6/250 (including today)
      • I may bump this down to 200, depending on how March goes
  • Professional
    • Blogging
      • Publish a blog post every Tuesday and Friday morning
        • I got a post out three out of the four Tuesdays and Fridays respectively. Not bad for traveling half the month!
      • Have posts scheduled up to two weeks in advance
        • Halfway there – I’ve managed to be a week ahead of things this month. Working for two weeks ahead very soon.
      • Publish a review of every book I read as I read them
        • Almost caught up!
    • Writing
      • Finish the first draft of Tears in the Garden
        • In progress – nothing happened this month, sadly
      • Write for at least one hour a day, five days a week
        • Did not happen this month
  • Reading
    • Read a total of 150 books
      • I have read 19/150
      • I’m a little behind on my pacing, but I will pick that right back up!
    • Read or use as a reference every book on my bookshelf
      • This will pick up in March as my book writing picks up!
    • Read through one of my daily devotionals
      • Behind on this one, but working on catching up
    • Read all the way through the Bible
      • Behind here as well, but playing catch up. I’m determined to get through the Bible in a year!

Well, that’s it for February. Thank you for sticking with me as I ride the waves of real life. Well, more like fumble and constantly fall of my surfboard. But you get the idea. 😉 Things are looking up for next month and I can’t wait to see what it brings!



One thought on “2018 Goals: February Recap

  1. Rose, I love what you said about 2 months don’t define the whole year. Something like that. That really spoke to me. I have been all over the place with my goals! And I didn’t travel! You did awesome! I slacked off on most of them. Like you said, life happens 😊 I always try to remember something I heard way back in my 20’s, “Success is getting up just one more time than you fall down”. I picked the whole30 back up just to read. I learn something new from every nutrition book I read. As far as reading the Bible through, I am behind on that but had not stopped. Doing terrible on using my planner!!! As far as my exercise, I jog the dog around the block in the mornings but was going to increase my distance, I didn’t. I just need to get back up again!
    I enjoy your posts! ❤️


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