March Book Club

Each month, I team up with Brittany’s Pages to do a buddy read/book club. This month’s book is The Key of All Unknown by Kathryn Hitchens. A digital copy of the book was provided to each of us through BookGobbler in exchange for a free review. I am excited to get to read this short thriller. I love the thriller genre, but have not had much of a chance to read any books from this genre this year. That changes this month!


The premise, taken from Goodreads, has me ready to dig into this book right away:

Brilliant scientific researcher Tilda Mosse wakes up in hospital unable to speak or move and with no recollection of what happened to her. Determined to find answers and prove she is not in a persistent vegetative state, she travels back through her fractured memories looking for clues. Could someone really have tried to kill her? An indulged younger brother, an obsessive flatmate, jealous colleagues and a missing lover. Everyone has a motive. On the edge of death, and questioning the value of her life, Tilda’s only hope is to unlock the key of all unknown.

If you would like to join in on this month’s buddy read, there is still time to get a FREE digital copy of The Key of All Unknown from BookGobbler! You can also purchase a paperback version from either Amazon or Book Depository.


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