Friday Introductions

For today’s post, I’m doing something a little different, but hopefully fun. I’m doing Friday introductions! This is usually more of a thing on Instagram, but I thought, why not bring it over to the blogging world? This post originally started as an introduction of my cats, but if I’m introducing the kitties, why not the whole family? 😉


If you’ve found my blog through any source other than Twitter, you most likely know that my name is Rose. Twitter followers may know this as well, but since my account is semi-anonymous, they may not. But yes, my name is Rose. I actually graduated from seminary in August 2017, but hope to go back for another degree or two in a year or two. For now, I’m working from home building this blog, writing my first book, and picking up some freelancing jobs on the side. My book, Tears in the Garden (working title), will be a study on women and passages about women all throughout Scripture. My intent is to demonstrate through Scripture that God’s view of women has always been positively countercultural to the world’s, that the safest religion for women is in fact Christianity, and that Christian women do not need feminism to know that they are as equally valuable and important as men. That’s the book in a nutshell. I’m sure as I study and keep writing the focus may ebb and flow a little, but my main intent is to demonstrate that women do not need to be afraid of what the Bible has to say about them (or twist Scripture to “make it better”).


I am married to the most wonderful and patient man in the world, Reid. He is in the Navy, which is how we got to move to the wonderful state of Washington and a town that is just three hours from where I grew up! We met in college, the one semester he went before deciding to join the Navy. We both worked at the snack shop, I demanded he sweep up, and the rest is history. Well, sort of. We became good friends who did not realize we were both interested in each other (this is what happens when two awkward, introverted people fall in love) until he went out on a limb and asked me out. And now the rest is history. We have been together two years in April, and married one year in May. He is so very patient, kind, caring, hilarious, steady, and strong. He loves God and leads our family so well. We are true best friends and life with him is one adventure after another. He is the science/math person to my artsy-ness, and the greatest guy I’ve ever met. Our cats are completely obsessed with him, and it’s perfect. He’s not bad to look at either. 😉

Speaking of cats! We don’t have any children (yet), but we do have two cats! Their names are Oliver and Reginald, and yes, I had full naming power, do not judge my choices, their names fit them perfectly.

Oliver was our first kitty. He is a gorgeous tuxie and is the least cat-like cat I have ever had. He is a very aggressive cuddler and cannot go very long without being held.


We adopted him back in December, from a friend of mine who was fostering him. He was having trouble with the other cat in the home and she was very happy to give him to a loving home! This same friend also helped us move him cross-country just over a month later. Wherever I sit, he insists on finding a spot to sit too, whether that be at my feet, on my lap, or on my keyboard. When he was an only kitty he would follow me around the house all day meowing and jumping on my shoulders every chance he got. He is a true shoulder cat. If you stand anywhere near a counter or table that allows him access to your shoulder for very long, you can be certain that he will be mounting your shoulder. He loves to drape himself like a scarf around necks, but he will take any shoulder in any way. His favorite toy is the plastic ball with the fabric tail that lights up and spins whenever you touch it, his favorite activities are aggressive cuddling and shoulder riding, and his favorite human is me (but he’ll run to my husband if I sneeze too loudly). His favorite food is whatever the humans are eating (we don’t feed him from the table, but he does his best to get scraps anyway), his favorite room in the house is the forbidden closet, and he loves to relax by any of the windows to watch birbs. He is a very happy cat and definitely owns the house.

Reginald is a much newer addition to our home. In fact, we only just adopted him two weeks ago. Reginald’s story is a bit sadder than Oliver’s. Reginald was abandoned by his owners and brought into our local shelter by neighbors.


They claimed to have been feeding him for a month before the owners picked up and moved without him. I had actually gone in to look at a very young kitten (thinking we needed a cat younger than Oliver, who is eleven months old), but that kitten got adopted right when I got there. So the lady offered to let me see Reginald (whose name was Sox). He stole my heart instantly. I was a little concerned at first, though, because the people who brought him in said he wasn’t good with other cats (problem), kids (future problem), and was very bitey (you guessed it, problem). But as I interacted with this sweet boy, I learned the truth. He LOVES other cats (he kept trying to play with the kitten in the next cage over), was timid, and only liked being held for short periods of time (he lightly bites to let you know he’s done, but never draws blood and it doesn’t even hurt. It’s just a “please put me down now” nip). Part of me wonders if he was neglected in his previous home, since he’s been both quick and slow to warm up to us. He will come up to us all the time when we’re in bed or at our desks for pats, scritches, and cuddles. But he has limits, and isn’t always receptive to us approaching him to pet him. However, he is extremely sweet and friendly and in the two weeks we’ve had him has warmed up very well. He and Oliver are basically kitty BFFs now (we’ve caught them napping together numerous times). He’s also hilarious and possibly liquid. We’re very glad that I wound up bringing Reginald home instead of the other kitten. He is a perfect fit in our family.

If you find yourself in the market for a new pet, please strongly consider checking your local animal shelters first! I discovered Reginald the same day he was brought into the shelter. He desperately needed a home and people to love him. Oliver was a similar story: a shelter kitty in foster care. That’s my adopt don’t shop plug for the day. 😉

In addition to gazing at my husband and cuddling my kitties (and taking a million pictures of them), I love to read, study theology, write, and even dabble in drawing and hand-lettering from time to time. And, just for the fun of it, I’ll tag two other bloggers to do Friday introductions! Brittany and Eva… you’re up! 😉


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