Working From Home: How Not to Join an MLM

On Tuesday, I went into great detail concerning why it is unwise to join a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. You may also know these companies as direct sales. I talked about how they prey on women who are in places of need, like stay at home moms and military wives.

But here’s the thing: I get it. I get why people join these scams, even if they know in the back of their minds that it is indeed a scam. As a military wife, I realized early on that it is important for me to have a job that was as mobile as possible. For me, since I have a master’s degree, this has turned into me taking the time to build my writing career through daily blogging, writing a book, and picking up freelancing work. I’ve been able to, in a sense, create my own job. The downside of this is that I didn’t begin making a consistent paycheck right away. I’ve made some money with freelancing, but I’m putting most of my energy into the blog and then my book right now. I’ve recently implemented some things that should start helping with monetizing my blog, but that also takes times.

Essentially, what I am doing is a long and tedious process. But, if I wanted to quit building my writing career tomorrow (not happening any time soon), and still work from home, I absolutely could. We are in a time where working from home is just starting to become more and more prominent. This means that there are countless opportunities that don’t involve selling your soul to a pyramid scheme.

But, to those that have done an MLM or are doing one, I understand why you’re doing it. Your recruiter made you incredible promises and have supposedly been completely honest with you about what they’re making. You’re a stay at home mom who is barely scraping by, a military wife who can’t find a job in her field, a working mom who just wants to stay at home with her kids, or a college student up to their eyeballs in debt. But I promise you, joining an MLM is not worth it. Trust me. I speak from experience. 

We live in a world where there are countless work-from-home opportunities. Here are just some of the options available to anyone who wants to work from home:

For the self-starters

  1. Freelancing! If you are skilled in IT, web development, writing, copyediting, design, admin support, customer service, marketing, accounting, translation, data analysis, engineering, and more, there’s a freelancing job for that! Websites like UpWork and Fiverr connect freelancers with clients who need their skills. I myself have used UpWork to get copyediting, proofreading, and even tutoring jobs. Freelancing can be difficult because you have to spend time writing cover letters and sending proposals for jobs you may not get. Additionally, some sites might limit how many jobs you can apply for each month or will even require that clients come to you. For getting jobs on UpWork, this Redditor gave some great advice for using your connects wisely.
  2. Selling on Etsy! This is a perfect option if you are a creative. If you can design, create, knit, crochet, paint, draw, or sew, Etsy is perfect for you. You can sell everything from digital designs to wooden signs. My husband’s wedding ring came from Etsy, as well as my Christmas stocking. If you can make it, you can sell it on Etsy.
  3. Rat Race Rebellion! This company has a website and Facebook page that post leads to work from home jobs every day. These jobs can be anything from temporary to permanent positions. This is a legitimate company that has been around since 1999. They have a daily e-mail, tips on getting work from home jobs, and answer questions about acquiring jobs and spotting scams. They are an awesome resource for finding any time of work from home job!

For those who just want a steady paycheck

  1. VipKid! VipKid is a rapidly growing online teaching company. It is based out of China and the teachers hired teach Chinese students English in a one-on-one video chat setting. They provide you with the lessons plans and do the grading – all you have to do is teach! They do require you have at least bachelor’s degree, however, so this may not be for everybody. The perk is that your degree doesn’t have to be in English or education – it can be in anything! You just have to have that degree.
  2. Amazon! Amazon has countless virtual, work-from-home jobs available in everything from customer service to IT and support. Amazon is a rapidly growing online shopping website, where you can buy practically anything you want for a decent price. Amazon is huge. There are always jobs to be found with them, especially online.
  3. Search on Indeed! Indeed is a job-finding website. If you thought this site was just for finding conventional jobs, think again! All you have to do is type “remote” into the location, hit search, and you will find all sorts of listings for work from home jobs. You can also search for specific types of work from home jobs like teaching English or accounting.

These are just some of the many resources for finding legitimate work from home. Working from home is a rapidly growing industry with opportunities cropping up every day. You just have to be willing to look for them and work for them. Forbes even put out a list of the Top 100 companies that offer work from home jobs. Working from home is a legitimate opportunity that can be achieved through legitimate companies. You do not have lose money through an MLM to create a legitimate, steady work from home income.


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