Book Club Book Review: The Sky Drifter

This book review is part of my monthly buddy read/virtual book club with Brittany’s Pages! This month’s book, The Sky Drifter, was provided by BookGobbler for free in exchange for an honest review. It is still available to request to read and review for FREE until the May 15th!! skydrifter

The Sky Drifter by Paris Singer caught my interest as I was browsing the BookGobbler website. I have a thing for science fiction, especially if the premise reminds me of my beloved Ender’s Game (one of my top favorite books of all time). The Sky Drifter reminded me of Ender’s Game in many ways, and it was a perfect pick for April’s buddy read with Brittany’s Pages.

Seven is a student on the Sky Drifter, an advanced academy that floats through space. Students from planets all over the galaxy live and go to school on the Sky Drifter. Seven is the only student of his species, Simian. He, along with his best friends, Iris and Pi, are typical high school kids. Their school just happens to be in space, and they just happen to be learning subjects like quantum mechanics. Seven is one of the few students with a proficiency for strategy. As a result, he takes not only a strategy class, but also Advanced Strategy, a one-on-one class on occasional evenings. He loves his life and wouldn’t trade it for anything. But when a mysterious girl starts showing up everywhere and hints that things may not be as they seem, Seven’s life as he knows it swiftly starts going to complete chaos.

The Sky Drifter was a wild ride. It went from normal to intriguing to odd to downright crazy, but all in a good way. The last few chapters are utterly spooky. The last third of the book especially had my eyes glued to the words, forgetting everything else around me. The ending left me wondering if there was a sequel (not that I could find) and completely blown away. I did make some accurate guesses about how it would end, but I missed a few things. Overall, a fascinating and exciting read.

The Sky Drifter by Paris Singer gets 4/5 stars.

If you would like to read The Sky Drifter, you can get a FREE digital copy from BookGobbler in exchange for an honest review until May 15th. 


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