Trying the Pomodoro Technique: Week Four

During the month of April, I have been trying the Pomodoro Technique to help with my productivity. I have shared my progress with it each week. I love how what using this technique has done for my productivity, even on days when I don’t have as much time to work on things!

Monday, April 23

Today was a little rough. I didn’t sleep well last night, so I took my time in the morning, trying to wake up and be ready for the day. It’s a duty day, so I know already I won’t be sleeping well tonight, so I gave myself a little grace for the morning. I finally started working at 9:30 am.

First pom (9:30-9:55): read The Whisper
Break (9:55-10:00): replied to messages
Second pom (10:00-10:25): finished reading The Whisper
Break (10:25-10:30): replied to messages, social media
Third pom (10:30-10:55): caught up on blogs I follow
Break (10:55-11:00): social media
Fourth pom (11:00-11:25): wrote and scheduled book review

During my long break, something came up and I needed to leave the house. I wound up being gone for the rest of the day, well into the evening. I am thankful I was able to be where I was needed, but that obviously killed my chance of getting anything else done today. And this is completely okay. Some days are just like that, and I am grateful for the amount that I was able to get done and that I could be there for someone who needed me today.

Tuesday, April 24

I did not do any pomodoros today. I was exhausted from being out so late yesterday (I didn’t get to bed until almost 2 am) so I let myself sleep in as much as I needed. Thankfully, I didn’t have to get up to take Reid in (the one time I have been thankful for duty days thus far) so besides waking up to take my morning temperature, I was able to sleep as much as I needed with minimal interruption. After waking up, I decided to make today a cleaning day. I cleaned up the living room, made our bed, cleaned up the kitchen, and organized the laundry. I also started reading A Million Junes. After picking Reid up, I cleaned the litterboxes and the area that they’re in (Reginald likes to make it rain kitty litter) and got some other things done. Not my most productive day writing-wise, but everything that needed to happen today happened.

Wednesday, April 25

After a crazy start to the week, I am happy to have a much more productive day today! I did not get home as early as I usually do after taking Reid to work because traffic was insane (it took us twenty minutes to go a distance that usually takes about thirty seconds). But I did not let that deter me! I made myself breakfast and settled in to get things done at 7:30 am.

First pom (7:30-7:55): read A Million Junes
Break (7:55-8:00): unloaded dishwasher
Second pom (8:00-8:25): read A Million Junes
Break (8:25-8:30): loaded dishwasher
Third pom (8:30-8:55): read A Million Junes
Break (8:55-9:00): replied to messages
Fourth pom (9:00-9:25): read A Million Junes
Long break (9:25-9:55): showered, got dressed, opened the blinds
Fifth pom (9:55-10:20): read A Million Junes
Break (10:20-10:25): refilled my water, bathroom break
Sixth pom (10:25-10:50): read A Million Junes
Break (10:50-10:55): replied to messages
Seventh pom (10:55-11:20): read A Million Junes
Break (11:20-11:25): cleaned sink
Eighth pom (11:25-11:50): finished A Million Junes
Long break (11:50-12:20): warmed up lunch, checked Facebook
Ninth pom (12:20-12:45): worked on meal planning
Break (12:45-12:50): browsed social media
Tenth pom (12:50-1:15): wrote and scheduled book review for A Million Junes
Break (1:15-1:20): browsed social media/Pinterest
Eleventh pom (1:20-1:45): wrote and scheduled book review for The Whisper
Break (1:45-1:50): played on my phone
Twelfth pom (1:50-2:15): worked on this post and a book pitch
Long break (2:15-2:45): made our bed, started laundry
Thirteenth pom (2:45-3:05): read the book of Ruth (cut this pom short)

After the thirteenth pom, I went and picked up my husband from work. I spent the rest of the evening reading And the Wolf Shall Dwell and spending time with my husband. My goals for tomorrow will be to focus on getting my book pitch written, a new chapter in my book started, at least one new blog post written, and hopefully finishing And the Wolf Shall Dwell.

Thursday, April 26

Today started off a little crazy. When I went to drop off my husband at work, traffic was insane again. This time, it took us 45 minutes to get through the last quarter mile to the base gate! Crazy. And, I needed to go to the grocery store so I can do meal prep tomorrow, since I will be busy all day on Saturday, the next duty day. Thankfully, the market I go to is small and I go early enough in the morning that I’m often the only shopper in the store. So after finally getting my husband to work and picking up some things for the week’s meal prep, I got home and settled in to work at 8:30 am.

First pom (8:30-8:55): read And the Wolf Shall Dwell
Break (8:55-9:00): checked social media/messages
Second pom (9:00-9:25): read And the Wolf Shall Dwell
Break (9:25-9:30): took care of my breakfast dishes, filled my water
Third pom (9:30-9:55): finish And the Wolf Shall Dwell, start book review
Break (9:55-10:00): checked messages, bathroom
Fourth pom (10:00-10:25): scheduled book review, worked on this post, wrote May book club post, started new series
Long break (10:25-10:55): Made bed, switched out laundry, cleaned up around the house
Fifth pom (10:55-11:20): worked on blog series
Break (11:20-11:25): messaged with my husband
Sixth pom (11:25-11:50): worked on series
Break (11:50-11:55): messaged with my husband
Seventh pom (11:55-12:20): scheduled first post in series, started drafts for other posts in the series, started working on a new chapter in my book
Break (12:20-12:25): bathroom, grabbed lunch out of the fridge
Eighth pom (12:25-12:50): continued working on book
Long break (12:50-1:20): gave myself permission to just chill for a bit, but also took care of my lunch dishes
Ninth pom (1:20-1:45): worked on book writing, and on preparing for the writing workshop I’ll be attending on Saturday.

After the ninth pom, your girl got a little unfocused. But I got a ton done today. And even when I turned off my Pomodoro app, I still fiddled between a few things that needed doing, including my April recap post that I realized I hadn’t updated yet. Moments like this show me that I can be productive without the pomodoros, but that having those interchanging time frames helps my mindset so much. It’s definitely a psychological thing, and I am completely okay with that. We all need something that helps us focused – even the most driven people.


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