May Book Club

Each month, Brittany and I team up to do a buddy read/virtual book club. This month’s book is Xenoman by Adam Martin. Brittany actually sent me this book as part of a book exchange a couple months ago. I have been looking forward to reading this book since she first told me about it! It’s a classic scifi novel, which is right up my alley.


Xeno yearns to have access to The Nth Dimension like The White Boys, famed telepaths who suffered brain damage when they made contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Out of work as a bartender since the Shoki Pao dance club mysteriously burned down, Xeno’s lackluster lifestyle in the city of Metropa is getting harder to maintain. The public pill silos that dispense Sunlite, a one-size-fits-all antidepressant, haven’t been refilled in months, so the citizens of Metropa turn to designer drugs, like Black Magic, an addictive Sunlite knock-off with terrible side effects. Having survived an overdose of Black Magic, and successfully revived by Drinama, a brain implant slipped to him as a Mickey at a job fair, Xeno earns an entry level position as an agent for secret service organization Intellegella. Garry, his handler, introduces Xeno to the industrial version of the black box, allowing Xeno’s pineal gland access to SSP-synthetic sensory perception-with the turn of a dial, along with the Noumenol patch, a skin absorbed drug that stabilizes his vital signs so that he doesn’t suffer a cardiac arrest. Xeno’s initial mission is to test the black box in the field, under Garry’s watchful eye, and to locate Trianne, an ex co-worker, ex pole dancer, ex model, gone missing and showing signs of spontaneous human combustion, an emerging side effect of Black Magic, and a public safety hazard. All Xeno has to do is bring Trianne back to Intellegella for treatment. It’s that simple . . . according to Garry.

If you would like to read along with us this month, you can find Xenoman by Adam Martin on Book Depository!


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