Book Review: A Million Junes

I received A Million Junes by Emily Henry as part of a book exchange with Brittany’s Pages. She loved it and wanted me to have a chance to read it as well. Thank you, Brittany, for the opportunity to read this incredible story!


Jack “June” O’Donnell IV has only ever had to follow two rules: don’t go to Five Fingers Falls, and don’t go near an Angert. These two rules have been easy enough to follow throughout her eighteen years. Until she – literally – runs into Saul Angert. Suddenly, a feud that has spanned generations starts to seem less and less reasonable. But there’s more going on. The ghosts that June has always been able to see seem to get more persistent, the mysterious magic surrounding her house getting stronger. The curse surrounding the O’Donnell and Angert families is getting harder to ignore. As June and Saul step into the memories of both families, they realize there is more to their families’ feuding than just stolen land and cherry trees. But as they search for the truth, they themselves are in danger, and may become the next victims of the O’Donnell-Angert curse.

What seems like a classic Hatfields and McCoys-esque story is so much more than that. The mystery and beauty of A Million Junes is absolutely stunning. You come for the love story and stay for the other-wordliness. A seemingly ordinary small town in Michigan has secrets and lies right on top of a “thin place,” giving way to magic and peculiarity. I was overwhelmed by the incredible beauty of A Million Junes. What you think is a story of star-crossed lovers akin to something out of Romeo and Juliet becomes so much more. And it is so incredibly beautiful.

A Million Junes by Emily Henry gets 5/5 stars

If you would like to read A Million Junes by Emily Henry, you can find it on Book Depository.


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