Book Review: The Roar

I discovered


by Emma Clayton a few years ago through the recommendation of a friend. I read a good chunk of it back then, but for some reason never finished it. But finally read and finish it I did, as part of my ongoing bookshelf challenge. This is another post-apocalyptic, dystopian novel. This “read my whole bookshelf in a year” thing is making me realize just how many dystopian novels I have. It was/is an obsession.

The Roar takes place in a dystopian future. The Animal Plague has forced all of humanity behind “the Wall.” The entire population is living in fear on just a third of the earth’s land. A year ago, Ellie was kidnapped by Mal Gorman, the man running the government behind the Wall. Her parents believe her to be dead. Her twin brother, Mika, is convinced that she is still alive. When government officials come to Mika’s school, tell the students to drink something called Fit Mix, and tell them about a new and exciting game, only Mika is suspicious of their intentions. But his counselor, Helen, alludes that this game, Podfighter, may be the only way Mika can find his sister again. Something sinister is going on, and this game and the well-guarded Secret all have something to do with it.

Although it is long, The Roar was an easy, quick read for me. It flowed well, although the plot was a little simple. I wound up guessing most of the major plot twist about halfway through the book. Although it was a tad predictable, I still enjoyed The Roar and the journey it took me on. A debut novel done well!

The Roar by Emma Clayton gets 4/5 stars.

If you would like to read The Roar, you can find it on Book Depository.


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