Book Review: The Whisper

The Whisper by Emma Clayton is the sequel to The Roar. This review does contain spoilers for The Roar, so proceed with caution!!


Although Mika and Ellie have finally been reunited, their work has just begun. The Secret is out (at least, among the children), they know the government has been training them for a war on the South, and everything they dreamed about has both become real and is at stake. Mika, Ellie, the Chosen Ones, and the rest of the children do know one thing: they don’t want to fight their parents’ war. They don’t want a war at all. They want peace, and peaceful negotiations that are in everyone’s best interest. But Mal Gorman, Raphael Mose, and the people of the Shadows and the South don’t want peaceful negotiations. They want to destroy each other, they want a war. Using “the Whisper,” the children unite together to take over the government of the North peacefully. But will it be enough? Will they be enough to stop the destruction?

The Whisper was not as well-written as its predecessor, The Roar. The propaganda in the book made it fall flat. The author attempted to use a story as a platform for her views on environmentalism and did not succeed. I have no problem with an author using a story to try to further their beliefs on an issue: writers have done this for centuries. But instead of letting the story speak for itself, she spoke for the story. It felt like I had a literature teacher hanging over my shoulder telling me what the story meant while I was trying to read it. The whole thing felt icky and distracted me from the actual story. The story was great and I wanted to see it through, but the lack of subtlety soured it all.

The Whisper by Emma Clayton gets 3/5 stars.

If you would like to read The Whisper, you can find it on Book Depository.


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