Book Review: And the Wolf Shall Dwell

I won a signed copy of And the Wolf Shall Dwell by Joni Dee last year when Brittany’s Pages did a giveaway. A spy novel, I have looked forward to giving this book a read!


John Daniel is an ordinary man, living and working in London under a work visa. He likes his routines, his life, and his job. But one morning, while waiting for the tube, he witnesses an older man being chased down by two men. The older man collides with John, mumbles a seemingly nonsensical phrase, and then jumps to his death in front of the oncoming tube. And in that moment, John’s life is forever changed.

Adam Grey used to be in the service. He retired years ago, and wants it to stay that way. But when he receives a flustered call from an old partner, Henry Haft, asking Adam to meet with him, and then that same man jumps to his death on the tube before that meeting can ever happen, Adam knows something sinister is happening. And it’s time for him to come out of retirement.

In this short but fast-paced and action-packed novel, you follow John Daniel, Adam Grey, and numerous others as they try to figure out what Henry Haft knew and who he was trying to stop. They uncover secrets and espionage that go much deeper than even Haft could have imagined…

As a kid, I went through quite the phase where all I wanted was to grow up and be a spy or secret agent of some sort. I had all sorts of spy toys and loved trying to use them to try to discover mysteries around our not-at-all-sinister home and hometown. I was excited to read this book because of that. I don’t read a lot of spy novels or watch a lot of spy movies, but they hold a special place in my heart all the same. And the Wolf Shall Dwell fell flat for me in many ways. I liked the concept, but the book itself felt a little rushed. The author could have added about a hundred more pages and I think things would have come together a little better.

And the Wolf Shall Dwell was a great idea, but a not-so-great execution. Dee was working with a great story, but it’s clear that this is a debut novel. He jumps between character perspectives with no warning (which gets very confusing, very quickly), and was introducing new characters in the last 25% of the novel. Overall, a decent read, but not my top.

And the Wolf Shall Dwell by Joni Dee gets 3/5 stars.


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