Book Review: Looking Glass Wars

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor (and the following two books) were recommended to me by a friend several years ago. I have a great love for magical tales, from the original tellings to the twisted retellings. Earlier this year, I read the Dorothy Must Die series, a retelling of the classic Wizard of Oz books. I am excited to read this retelling of the much-loved Alice in Wonderland stories. thelookingglasswars

What if the story of Alice in Wonderland is anything but what we know it to be? What if Lewis Carroll, thinking he was joining in the imagination of a little girl made a terrible mistake? What if the Alice we know and love is not from Earth, but actually from Wonderland? What if she is Alyss Heart, princess of Wonderland? In this fast-paced, entrancing reimagining of a story the world knows and loves, Frank Beddor argues just that. Orphaned by her Aunt Redd’s attack on and takeover by Wonderland, seven-year-old Princess Alyss must flee Wonderland alongside Hatter Madigan, who has been entrusted with her protection. After being separated from Hatter when they jump into the Pool of Tears, Alyss finds herself in London, England in 1859, lost and alone in a world that believes hers does not exist.

As time goes on, Alyss convinces herself that maybe she is just simply Alice, and maybe she did just imagine Wonderland. Meanwhile, back in Wonderland, the Alyssians continue the fight against self-appointed Queen Redd. They hold onto the hope that their beloved Princess Alyss will return to fight again, that she will take back the throne and reign as their warrior queen. But even if she can make it back to Wonderland, is it too late for Alyss? Will she ever believe in Wonderland and the power of her imagination again?

The Looking Glass Wars is absolutely magnificent. I found myself lost in the world of the real Wonderland, delighting in discovering the characters that Lewis Carroll renamed and twisted into his own. This book is perfect for anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland, but wants a story that goes deeper into what really happened and what Wonderland is truly like.

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor gets 5/5 stars.

If you would like to read The Looking Glass Wars, you can find it on Book Depository


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