FlyLady in May: Zone 3

For the month of May (and a week in June) I am experimenting with using FlyLady to help myself be more consistent with housework. Each Monday, I will share how I did with the daily missions as well as the daily checklist for the previous week’s zone. I will do my best to be as honest as possible about my struggles, triumphs, and everything in between.

Before I dive into this week, I want to take note of a couple of things. First, I missed one important aspect of FlyLady when describing it in my initial post. Besides the daily mission and daily checklist, every day of the week has a specific designation. Monday is home blessing day (each week is a different task, this week’s was vacuuming, full disclosure, it didn’t happen), Tuesday is planning day, Wednesday is anti-procrastination day, Thursday is errand day, and Friday is the day you declutter your purse and car. Saturdays are family fun day, and on Sundays you rest and relax. I don’t necessarily follow these daily designations because with my husband’s work schedule, my life doesn’t often fit neatly into this pattern. I have my own days I plan to run errands and planning for the week is more of a daily self-evaluation of what needs to get done and when. I will, however, try to start incorporating the weekly home blessing starting this week, since it is useful and can be done any day of the week.

Second, in the spirit of honesty, I want you all to know I did all of this last week’s missions in one day and I only did the bathroom (not the extra room). I did not manage my time well last week and I was out of town for Thursday and Friday, so I had to do some cramming on Wednesday evening. But that’s okay! My bathroom was gorgeous on Thursday morning when I left, so I still felt satisfied with the work that got done. I also spent about an hour going around the house on Wednesday and straightened things up (sweeping, wiping down counters, straightening the couch, running the dishwasher) the best I could so my husband could have a clean house while I was gone. So I guess you could say I did the weekly home blessing, just with what I needed instead of vacuuming. Although I really do need to vacuum. Anyway…

Even though I did all the missions in one day, I did them in order so I could show you what I was supposed to do each day, starting with Monday. So here are this weeks missions:

Monday, May 13th


Today’s mission was to clear off all the countertops in the bathroom. Since we just have the one, it was a pretty easy job. This was the one mission I did on the correct day, and I forgot to get a picture of the before. Just trust me when I was it was more than a little cluttered! I always leave my makeup bag on the counter, often with makeup out and strewn all over. Now that the counter is cleared off, though, we can work on keeping it that way. The electric razor is supposed to be pushed off to the side a little more, but you get the idea.

Tuesday, May 14th

Tuesday’s mission was to shine the tub. The point was to do it similar to how you shine the sink: don’t overthink it, just take five or ten minutes to give it a good wipe down. I used Mrs. Meyer’s all-surface cleaner and one of our washcloths to spray and wipe down the shower. I actually had pretty good timing on this one since I had just showered. There’s always bits of my hair left behind after a shower that need cleaning up.

I realize it may be hard to see how messy our shower was in the full photo, so I got a picture of one of the particularly bad corners too. This really did not take me long at all and was not that difficult. The only trouble I had was with the bottom of the tub. It’s pretty coarse and didn’t jive well with my washcloth. But it’s clean now and I should probably just get a mat for the bottom of the tub!

Wednesday, May 15th

Wednesday’s mission was to go through my bathroom supplies and see what was needed. I stocked up on hand soap back in December, so I knew we are good on that. I did, however, toss my empty conditioner bottles as well as the empty body wash. Does anyone else run out of conditioner first??

Thankfully, I had some travel size shampoo and conditioner that I could take on my trip, but I will definitely have to get more conditioner when I get home! I’m also now officially on my last body wash bottle, so that stock will need to be replenished as well. Reid still had plenty of his shampoo and body wash. I’m fairly certain men’s shower products are eternal.

Thursday, May 16th

This mission was actually pretty fun. I was supposed to go through my cosmetics, toss stuff I didn’t use or that was well past its expiration date. This exercise showed me that I definitely need to stock up on fresher, better makeup!

The above photos show what I originally found in my makeup bag, what I threw away, and what I kept. A couple things got put in different places, since they did not belong in my makeup bag. The three eyeshadow palettes that are in the “keep” photo (far right) were also old and in need of tossing, but they were all I had. So, on the first day of my trip, with some extra cash I made this week, I went to MAC and went back to the basics. 20180518_2040585705502213419581392.jpgAt MAC, you can build and customize your own palette if you want. I decided to do this, even though with the four colors and the holder itself ended up costing only about a dollar less than the full palettes I had been looking at. The point in getting new eyeshadow was so I could toss the old and focus on buying and having colors that I know I will actually use. I couldn’t say that for every single color in the pre-made palettes. And now that I own the palette, it will be cheaper to replace the colors as time goes on. I’ve already had fun using these new eyeshadows in my makeup routine!


Friday, May 18th


The last mission of the week was to shine the faucets on the bathroom sink and shower. Somehow, I did not get a before of the sink, but you can see the shower faucet was pretty cloudy. I used the Mrs. Meyer’s spray and the washcloth I used to wipe down the tub and shower (not the same one hanging on the faucet). I’m not completely happy with how the tub faucet turned out, but I think I need a different spray to take care of those water stains.

Like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t get to the extra room this week. This was in good part due to my own poor time management this week. But each day is a new day, and this week is a new week. I always have the chance to improve. This week, we will be in Zone 4: Master Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. Since we only have one bathroom and I focused on it this last week, I will switch that out for spending fifteen minutes decluttering the office each day. Please enjoy a picture of my “helpers.” My makeup bag was out at this point because I was getting ready to pack for my trip!



3 thoughts on “FlyLady in May: Zone 3

  1. Very nice!! Rose you will have to let me know the eye shadow colors you got, those are beautiful!! Love your helpers!❤️
    Love you❣️


  2. You’re doing really well! Every day is a new day and every week is a new week—just keep going and you’ll see progress. I like your little “helpers” —they get right into it all! 😅


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