2018 Goals: May Recap

On the first of each month, I will look back at the previous month and evaluate how I did with reaching my 2018 goals. This will accomplish two purposes: first, it will keep me accountable. Second, it will give me a visual of where I’m at and where I need to improve in the coming month. You can find each monthly recap through the category tag, 2018 Goals.

Here are my May statistics:

  • Personal
    • Successfully complete two Whole30s (in January and August) scrapped for the time being
      • See this post for why my January Whole30 was tragically cut short
      • Right now, I will not be doing another Whole30 in August. I will be reevaluating towards the end of the year and deciding whether or not I will attempt another in 2019.
    • Track my calorie intake for at least 200 days
      • 23/200 (including today)
      • I am challenging myself to track my food every single day in June.
    • Be active in some way at least 250 times
      • 34/250 (including today)
      • Giving 250 a solid chance.
      • Worked out more this month than I have any other month!
  • Professional
    • Blogging
      • Publish a blog post every Tuesday and Friday morning
        • I missed some this month, partly due to travel and a new schedule.
      • Have posts scheduled up to two weeks in advance
        • I added some new things to my daily schedule this month, so it left me off kilter and behind in my posting schedule. June should be much better!
      • Publish a review of every book I read as I read them
        • Reviews are either published or scheduled.
    • Writing
      • Finish the first draft of Tears in the Garden
        • Making good progress!
      • Write for at least one hour a day, five days a week
        • New schedule means I struggled with this, but once again, I will get back up again in June
  • Reading
    • Read a total of 150 books
      • 44/150
      • Still behind on this, I am designating June as my catch-up month, hahaha.
    • Read or use as a reference every book on my bookshelf
      • In progress
    • Read through one of my daily devotionals
      • In progress, more behind than I’d like
    • Read all the way through the Bible
      • In progress, more behind than I’d like

The biggest thing I learned about myself this month is that I have a hard time adjusting when I add new things to my schedule. I started part time work as a mother’s helper to bring in some extra money and it threw my whole system off-kilter. Additionally, I started a home workout program. This has been great for my workout goals, but not so much for my other goals haha. But now that I have a better idea of what my days will look like with my new routine, I can readjust and amp my productivity back up to where it was.

These monthly updates have been good for me to help keep my focus on my goals. Even at the end of the month when I realize where I’ve fallen short, it helps to know that each day and each month is a chance for improvement. These updates have also ensured that, besides reading goals, I have stuck to reaching for my yearly goals for longer than I ever have. Even if I get to the end of the year and every number isn’t exactly where I want it to be, the consistency alone will help me feel accomplished.


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