FlyLady in May: Zones 5 and 1

You may have noticed that I did not publish an entry for Zone 4 in my FlyLady in May series. This was intentional. Since I was out of town for a good portion of the week I was supposed to be in Zone 4, I was not able to give it the attention I should have been able to. Thus, I will do an update later in June when I actually do Zone 4 so you can officially see a week from me in each zone!

The last week of May had two different zones: Zone 5 (the living room) and Zone 1 (front porch, entrance, and dining room). The switch to Zone 1 happened on the first day of June. This mid-week switch is how you’re able to do all five zones in a month, even though most months only contain four full weeks. For this week, I did switch two of the missions. I was supposed to vacuum on Wednesday and dust on Thursday, but I prefer to dust before I vacuum. This way, I don’t have to vacuum a second time. There’s not a lot of dust accumulation in my home, so this probably isn’t too big of a deal, but it’s just something I prefer.

Here are last week’s missions!

Monday, May 28th

Today’s mission was to clear off the “hot spots” in my living room. The piles of stuff that just accumulate with no real purpose. We don’t have a lot of open surfaces in our living room, so initially I didn’t think there would be a lot for me to do here. But then I looked at the shelves in our TV stand. And remembered the random things I had stuffed on them saying “I’ll deal with that later.” Well, later finally came.


I went through each shelf and determined which things belonged there (decorations, DVDs, video games, consoles) and which things didn’t (years-old planners, wedding cards, notebooks). In twenty minutes, I had a huge pile for the garbage and another pile of things that needed a new home. And now our shelves look nice and uncluttered! Yay!

Tuesday, May 29th

Today’s mission was to spend fifteen minutes getting rid of anything that does not belong in my living room. Once again, we don’t have a ton of surfaces in our living room for things to land, but I knew there were things that we bring into the living room to use and never put away. There were other things that belonged in the living room, but weren’t in a good spot.


It’s hard to see in the photo, but my computer and a book were left haphazardly on the couch and the blankets were in disarray. I’d also left my workout equipment out. Now, you may think those boxes are leftover from moving, but they’re actually for our cats. The goobers are obsessed with boxes and love to play in them. But, they only use one or two of the four pictured here. I do use one for my workout stuff since I workout in the living room, but it’s that small one and it doesn’t fit everything. So I did some rearranging.


I tossed the small white box, designated a different box for my workout equipment, and moved the other two behind the couch so they’re not the first thing you see when you walk in. My computer, computer cover, and book were also returned to their proper location. And all of that took me less than ten minutes! Woohoo!

Wednesday, May 30th

Like I mentioned above, today was supposed to be vacuuming day, but I dusted instead. I will vacuum tomorrow. The TV stand is really the only surface that would need dusting in the living room, so I just went over it with some Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner and a cloth.


It may be hard to see the difference, but I definitely see it! I took an up-close photo of the before and after of our Kinect to show the dust that had accumulated vs. when I got it off. I love Mrs. Meyer’s cleaners for everything, but especially stuff like this. This isn’t sponsored, I just love their products. 🙂


Thursday, May 31st

Remember that time when I was in Zone 3 and I said I really need to vacuum? Well, that time has come! It’s like the FlyLady read my blog post and planned Zone 5 this way. For some reason, vacuuming is my least favorite chore (along with folding laundry). But I love how my floor looks when it’s done! And our floor definitely needed it. This is just one small part of our living room floor. Reginald (one of the cats) was caught eating pieces of stuff off the floor….


My husband is actually normally the one who vacuums, usually right before we have company. It’s an easy way for him to help out and helps me focus on decluttering or preparing the meal. But I actually found myself really enjoying the task today! And to think I nearly attempted to allocate the job to my husband.


I wound up vacuuming the hallway in addition to the living room, as it was looking pretty hairy as well. My poor cats did not know what to think of the loud machine I was pushing around the house. This is probably another indication that I should vacuum more, hahaha. I also swept the kitchen and dining room, so most of my floors are freshly clean!

Friday, June 1st

Hello, Friday! And hello, Zone1! Zone 1 is the front porch, entryway, and dining room. Since this was the only day in this zone for June, the mission for today was to take care of all the “hot spots” in each room.

This meant for our “porch” area, I gave it a good sweep and even ran the vacuum over the front mat. In the front entryway, I swept and gathered up all the shoes and put them in their appropriate baskets.

In the dining room, I cleared off and wiped down the table. I didn’t need to sweep since I did that yesterday. You can see that Oliver and Reginald were trying really hard to help me clear off the table. 😉

It’s really satisfying to be able to look around my home and feel happy with how it looks. I love using FlyLady to keep up with my home and will absolutely be using it permanently! I look forward to finally getting to Zone 4 and being able to feel happy with every room in my house. Stay tuned for that week!

For the other weeks in June, I will be sharing how I go about planning, preparing, and shopping for our meals! I pre-make all of our breakfasts and dinners, and I will be adding lunches this month. I look forward to sharing how I do it.


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