June Recap + Looking Ahead

At the beginning of each month, I will look back at the previous month and evaluate how I did with reaching my 2018 goals. This will accomplish two purposes: first, it will keep me accountable. Second, it will give me a visual of where I’m at and where I need to improve in the coming month. You can find each monthly recap through the category tag, 2018 Goals.

Here are my June  statistics:

  • Personal
    • Successfully complete two Whole30s (in January and August) scrapped for the time being
      • See this post for why my January Whole30 was tragically cut short
      • Right now, I will not be doing another Whole30 in August. I will be reevaluating towards the end of the year and deciding whether or not I will attempt another in 2019.
    • Track my calorie intake for at least 200 days
      • 40/200
      • Didn’t do quite every day in June, but since I have to keep a food diary now, this will be easier to do.
    • Be active in some way at least 250 times
      • 41/250 (including today)
      • I started off so strong this month and then crashed and burned. I’m so frustrated with myself
  • Professional
    • Blogging
      • Publish a blog post every Tuesday and Friday morning
        • Just didn’t happen. June was a rough month – more on this in a bit.
      • Have posts scheduled up to two weeks in advance
        • Nope
      • Publish a review of every book I read as I read them
        • Behind on this too
    • Writing
      • Finish the first draft of Tears in the Garden
        • No progress this month, sadly
      • Write for at least one hour a day, five days a week
        • Didn’t meet this one either
  • Reading
    • Read a total of 150 books
      • 52/150
      • Still behind. I’ll catch up eventually
    • Read or use as a reference every book on my bookshelf
      • In progress
    • Read through one of my daily devotionals
      • In progress, more behind than I’d like
    • Read all the way through the Bible
      • In progress, more behind than I’d like

As you can see, June was a rough month. We traveled, we were incredible busy, and we did not stop once. Except for me, when I got sick the last few days of June and was forced to stop. I look back at this month, and I am so incredibly discouraged. It was hard in numerous ways. I spent the past week (and especially when I was sick) thinking a lot about how June went and how upset I was about it. I know I can’t (and shouldn’t) wallow and dwell on the previous day’s (or month’s) failures. I know I’m supposed to just “try again tomorrow” when a day ends and nothing went how I planned. But it’s so difficult to put that into practice.

Because of how difficult June was for me, I have decided to take a partial break from blogging for the month of July. I will still be publishing book reviews (and typing up the ones I haven’t done yet), and I have a fun one planned for tomorrow, but that’s it. Nothing theological, nothing life-related, just book reviews.

So what will I be doing during the month of July? If writing is my full-time job, what is there to do when I’m taking a break? Well, I won’t be taking a break from writing itself. For the month of July, I have several things I want to focus on, without the pressure of getting blog posts out:

  • Writing. need to be working on my book. I think about it constantly, and I need to reorient my daily priorities so that my book is on top.
  • Reading. I only read eight books in June, which I think is an all-time low for me this year. I spent a lot of time distracted by my phone or zoning out in front of the TV in the evenings that could have been better spent engaging in a good book. I want to get back into the habit of turning to a book first instead of media.
  • Reading Scripture. This really is the number one priority for July. My heart aches and longs to be in a routine with my Bible reading, and I need to give myself one. I need to “get up and eat.”
  • Planning. I want to set a trend for myself of looking forward, always, and especially with blogging and other writing. I will spend time this month looking forward to August through December and then into 2019. What do I want to talk about through the end of the year? What do I want next year’s focus to be? You may be surprised to know that I already have many ideas for what I want to do in 2019 with my blog and writing. July will be the month for me to start roughly framing out these plans.

If using July as a semi-sabbatical month works well, I may make this a trend for every year, just with better planning. All I know is right now, my brain and body have been begging for a break (as shown through this being my first blog post in two weeks) and I need to listen to them. Pressure is a good thing and I put it on myself for a reason, but sometimes you need to take a step back from the pressure and reorient yourself again. And that’s what July will be for. I appreciate your understanding in advance and hope you will enjoy all the book reviews coming in July! Hopefully I’ll be able to fill the whole month.


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