June Ipsy Glam Bag

I recently got the opportunity to try the popular Ipsy Glam Bag for free. Someone in a makeup Facebook group I’m in had some invites available for a free one and I managed to snag one! I’ve been interested in Ipsy for a while, but wasn’t sure if it was worth the $10 to try. I had seen varying reviews on it, but really wanted to try it myself.

When I got the e-mail with the code, I was directed to set up an account and take a beauty preference survey. I put in my skin, hair, and eye color, the brands I like using, types of products I’m interested in trying, what kinds colors I like for eyeshadow, nail polish, and blush, and a few other things. This built my beauty profile that they would base their selections on for my monthly bag. And then… you wait.

Ipsy sends you e-mails when they’re putting together your bag and then again when it ships, so you’re always kept up to date on it. You can get a preview of your bag and see what’s coming! In a funny moment, I misunderstood what they meant by “preview your bag,” and clicked on it, thinking I would get to see what the bag itself would look like, not the contents! I’d been hoping to keep that a surprise, but oh well. I think knowing what I was getting actually made the anticipation even greater.

So what did I get in my Ipsy bag? I’m glad you asked!


The bag itself is kind of an ombre pattern, but in blocks instead of blended. In it was something for my lids, something for my lips, something for my eyes, something for my face, and something for my nails. Some products I was more excited about than others, but I think they will all be useful to me!


Something for my lids


Out of any sort of makeup, eyeshadow palettes are my favorite things to get. I love playing with various colors and shading of eyeshadows to create unique looks. It’s amazing to me how just one palette can be used to create so many different looks, even if the rest of your makeup stays the same. On my beauty profile, I said I liked eyeshadows in neutrals, darks, and blues, so I was surprised to get a palette with a green. The odd color aside, I am excited to try this Pacifica palette! Out of all the things I got, this is one I know that will last me a while, despite it being sample size. Here are the names of the colors I got in my palette:


I’m not entirely sure yet how I’ll use 1970, so if you have any tips, throw em at me! I have blue eyes and peachy fair skin, so I just don’t know if that shade of green will work with what I’m working with. But I’m willing to give it a shot!

The Pacifica Tomboy Vibe palette was part of a collaboration between Ipsy and Pacifica and is only available to Ipsy glam bag subscribers. However, most of Pacifica’s eyeshadow palettes retail for $18.

Something for my lips


For my lips, I got this MAC lipglass in nymphette! I have recently started experimenting with different lip colors in my makeup routine (and by “experimenting” and “different” I mean “cautiously trying out” and “either a nude or a shade of pink”), so this gloss (glass?) is a welcome addition to my makeup bag. It is close in color to one I already have, though.

A full size of the MAC Nymphette Lipglass retails for $17.50. I got 0.08 fl oz and the full size is 0.10 fl oz.

Something for my eyes


It took me a minute to figure this product out. And why I got it (I had to check my beauty profile). At first I thought it was an eye primer, but upon further examination, it is a moisturizer. Belif is a Sephora brand, and according to the Sephora website, this moisturizer should be used after your normal facial moisturizer. I want to be better about moisturizing my face and especially around my eyes, so this cream will definitely come in handy!

A full size of Sephora’s Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb retails for $48. I got 0.17 fl oz and the full size is 0.84 fl oz.

Something for my face


The Pixi Glow Tonic was another “why did I get this?” product. But when I realized that it was a toner, all the confusion went away. I really want to amp up my skin care, so this toner is another great addition to my arsenal! I’m interested to see how it differs from the toner I normally (intermittently) use.

A full size of the Pixi Glow Tonic retails for $29. I got 0.5 fl oz and the full size is 8.5 fl oz.

Something for my nails


The Pretty Woman nail polish in Vacay is the one product that I am honestly not sure if or when I will use. When I looked at the sneak peek in my e-mail, it looked more white than it does in person. In person, it’s more of a “skin color.” I’m going to give it a try this week, but we’ll see if I like it enough to keep using it.

The full size of Pretty Woman nail polish in Vacay retails for $7.99. I got 0.33 fl oz and the full size is the same amount.

Will I keep my subscription?

All in all, I got some good products, most of which I will probably use. My original plan was to get this free bag and then do two more bags with the subscription. But, after this first bag, I decided to just cancel my subscription outright. While the products are cute and it’s fun to get samples of things to try, I’m not entirely sure it’s worth the $10. It’s really more like you’re paying $10 for a new makeup bag every month and you get some samples thrown in. I don’t really need that many makeup bags. And the real point of sending the samples every month is to get me to buy the full-size products. I like trying new things, but I’m more of the kind of person that seeks out new things when I need them. Also, if I want to try something new, I usually just wait until whatever I use normally runs out and then try that new thing. And, if I’m being honest, I don’t want to pay $10 to get a few samples every month. I can use that money to buy some of the full size drug store products that I use already. But that’s just me.

I did find it interesting how close in size some of these samples were to retail size, including the nail polish that was the same as the retail size. As far as the bag I myself got, I really can’t complain too much since I got it for free. But as I showed the products to my husband, we both agreed that if I had paid the $10, it probably wouldn’t have been worth it.

Overall, I give Ipsy Glam Bags 3/5 stars.


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