The Exit Interviews

You may have seen me mention a new project on Twitter or in a blog post. Well, I’m finally ready to share this project with you all. Allow me to present: Exit Interviews.

The Exit Interviews

A couple years ago, I took a class in seminary that covered both youth/children’s ministry and evangelism in the church. Part of the required reading for the class were two books that covered interviews of the “unchurched,” conducted by a Southern Baptist man who runs a well known Christian book company. These books were written to encourage Christians in evangelism, drawing the conclusion that most unchurched people would come to church if you simply invited them. The books were well-written and fascinating. But as I read them, I began to wonder: what about the formerly churched? What would they have to say about church?

This was not a topic that just came up out of the blue for me, however. I have numerous friends and family who fall in the category of the “formerly churched.” I myself nearly joined their ranks. I knew and had experienced many of the things…

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