Book Review: Sapphique

As soon as I finished Incarceron by Catherine Fisher, I knew I had to pick up its sequel, Sapphique. Sapphique picks up several months after Incarceron ends. Finn is struggling to adjust to the outside, Claudia is still trying to find Incarceron (where her father has disappeared to), and both Finn and Claudia’s lives are in danger as they fight for Finn’s right to the throne. In the Prison, Finn’s oathbrother, Keiro, and Attia continue to be in grave danger as they fight to find a way of escape. sapphique

A stunning sequel, Sapphique digs even deeper into the mysterious world it is set in, the intricacies and secrets of the Prison, and how the two affect each other. Although slow at times, this book kept my attention by picking up just at the right time and constantly keeping me in suspense. The shocking twists and turns had me making and remaking theories and guesses constantly as I read.

The end itself is both open and closed. It is satisfying enough to finish a story, but left open-ended just enough to keep the reader wondering what happened long after they put down the book. Catherine Fisher did an excellent job of wrapping up her story while keeping the readers’ interest in the world she created.

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher gets 5/5 stars.


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