Book Review: Dispatches From the Front

In 2015, I attended a conference put on by Frontline Missions. The intent of the conference was to both train and make attendees aware of the needs of missions in restricted access countries. At that conference I learned about Bible translation ministries (my focus back then), business as missions, and much more. I got to hear lectures from believers both native to restricted access countries and serving in those countries as “expats.”

One evening of this weekend conference, Frontline Missions held a showing of an installment in the film series “Dispatches From the Front.” In these films, Tim Keesee visits believers serving in restricted access countries and writes about their ministries and what God is doing in these countries. A film crew joins him, and produces a documentary of his travels and the people he visits. These films are incredibly convicting to watch. They depict believers who are taking great risks, all for the glory of God. Many are heavily persecuted for their faith. Still others are killed for it.

Dispatches From the Front by Tim Keesee is a compilation of Dr. Keesee’s journals from his travels all over the world to visit believers in the most hostile of places. Dr. Keesee is prolific writer, capturing people and places with colorful words. As I read Dispatches, I could easily visualize the scenes and people and places that Dr. Keesee was writing about. I was moved and convicted by the devotion of the believers in these countries and their unashamed service to Christ, even unto death. This is an incredible book that even Christian should read if they want a glimpse at what life is like for Christians in hostile countries.

Dispatches From the Front by Tim Keesee gets 5/5 stars.


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