Book Review: Through the Gates of Splendor

If you want to be constantly convicted about what you are doing to further the Kingdom of God, read two books about people who are unashamedly declaring the gospel in hostile areas, even to the point of death. You will end up spending a lot of time contemplating how you can be serving God “to the hilt of every situation” (Jim Elliot). throughthegatesofsplendor

Through the Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot tells the story of the five men (including her husband, Jim Elliot) who were famously and horrifically murdered at the hands of the people they were trying to reach for Christ. In this biography, Elliot shares how each of these men (and their wives) came to join the team who would run what would become known as Operation Auca. She shares their life in the jungle of Ecuador, ministering to the Quichua Indians, and planning a way to reach out to the impenetrable villages of the Auca people (now known as the Huaorani).

In this riveting true story, you read about the trials and triumphs of these determined missionaries and their families. You learn the details of their gifting strategy and read of their caution as they planned to meet the Huaorani for the first time. All the way to the first night that the men did not check and were later found dead, speared by the very people they were trying to reach.

Through the Gates of Splendor is the kind of story that makes you step back and evaluate your own faith, and your own devotion to God. Through every chapter I read, I found myself wondering, “Would I be willing and able to do this if God called me to go to the jungles?” This book is convicting from start to finish, and will ignite your fire for missions.

Through the Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot gets 5/5 stars.


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