Book Review: Paris for One (and Other Stories)

One of my favorite ways to approach the library is to just wander and browse until something catches my eye. The library I frequent is fairly small so this usually doesn’t take long. Because it is small, browsing instead of coming in with a list is usually much less disappointing. If I don’t know what I’m looking for, I will always find what I am looking for! Right? Right. parisforone

Paris for One and Other Stories by JoJo Moyes stood out to me partly because of the bright cover. I am not normally a “the cover was pretty so of course I picked it up” kind of person. But it’s hard to miss a bright blue cover amid browns, grays, and blacks. I recognized the author’s name as the author of another popular book, so I decided to check out Paris for One to see if I would even like her writing style.

This book was so much fun that I finished it in a single sitting! Admittedly, it is fairly short (less than 300 pages), but it still felt like quite the accomplishment after a month of struggling to finish even one book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Paris for One and Other Stories, and barely even realized how much time was passing as I ate up the novel.

Paris for One, the first and longest story in the book was delightful and everything you’d expect in a stereotypical romance novel. There’s a girl who’s been hurt by a boy and there’s a boy that’s there to pick her up when she’s down. There’s a misunderstanding, explanation, and reconciliation. It’s cute and perfect as a feel good story.

The following short stories are a mix of sad, cute, and ironic. Sometimes the heroin gets away from a terrible relationship. Sometimes she realizes she truly does have a wonderful life. There are missed connections and the ones who got away. This book has a romantic short story for every need. I loved giggling at some and sighing at others. I don’t typically read romantic books, but I do enjoy the occasional light novel. This book was a great combination of both.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Some stories were less realistic than others, but I doubt many people read romance because it’s realistic. Paris for One and Short Stories is a fun read for anyone who wants a romance fix without investing in an entire romance novel. It also makes me want to go to Paris on my own (not to find love – I have that locked down 😉 ) just for the adventure.

Paris for One and Other Stories JoJo Moyes gets 4/5 stars.


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