Book Review: We Were Mothers

Another Kindle Unlimited read, We Were Mothers by Katie Sise was about as unexpected as they come. The description on Goodreads does not give it nearly enough justice! However, I did enjoy being very surprised through the twists and turns of this surprisingly dark story. weweremothers.jpg

At first glance, We Were Mothers looks like another chic lit novel. A man is cheating on his wife with the teenaged babysitter. This same babysitter suddenly goes missing after a birthday party for the twins she babysits. Her mom is trying to find her, as the wife of the cheater is trying to figure out where she goes from here. Pretty typical real housewives drama, right?

This book is so much more than kitschy drama. We Were Mothers is filled with layer upon layer of deception, mystery, and thrills. The story centers mainly around two core families, but it delves into the lives of the people closest to them as well. I read this book as an audiobook, and I will be honest that it was a little hard to keep all of the characters straight. Sise gives almost all of her characters a chance to speak at some point in the book, so it can get confusing. But if you can sort through the numerous perspectives the story is written from, you will come to appreciate the unique quality of writing a story in this way.

We Were Mothers by Kate Sise was unexpected, intriguing, and full of suspense. Even at the end of the book, things were coming out of the woodwork that I was not expecting to get addressed again. Even the ending has a “closure but not quite” feel that you’d expect from a domestic thriller.

We Were Mothers by Kate Sise gets 4/5 stars.


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