Book Review: The Last of the Stanfields

I love a good mystery novel. Especially family mysteries. There’s something about the layers upon layers that are found in family and historical mysteries that sucks me in and ensures I won’t be putting a book down until I’m done with it. The Last of the Stanfields by Marc Levy satisfied my family mystery itch in the best way possible. lastofthestanfields

The Last of the Stanfields is not the first book I’ve read by Marc Levy, but it is the first one I have liked. I was pleasantly surprised to find the depth in this book that I was missing in his other book that I read. Levy definitely does mystery and intrigue very well!

When she begins receiving mysterious anonymous letters informing her that her late mother is not who she seemed, London reporter Eleanor-Rigby Donovan finds herself on a plane to America. Her father can’t (won’t?) answer her questions, and her brother clearly knows more than he will say. There, in Baltimore, Maryland, Eleanor-Rigby discovers family secrets, missing fortunes, and way more than she bargained for.

The Last of the Stanfields jumps between multiple perspectives and multiple time periods without missing a beat. The story connects seamlessly. Each new chapter is like peeling back another layer and discovering more answers to all of the questions that run through your mind as you read this book. The mystery starts all the way back in World War II and just grows from there. You hear from Eleanor-Rigby, the mysterious George-Harrison Collins, parents, grandparents, and many other important characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The Last of the Stanfields by Marc Levy gets 5/5 stars.


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