Book Review: The Real Martin Luther

Hey there. It’s been a minute. I blinked and suddenly, it was May and once again I hadn’t blogged in months. I may talk about this more in another post, but my struggle to be consistent as a writer is not the point of this post.

This post is to bring you a book review! Reviewing books has been a fun aspect of my blog that I have missed. I love sharing what I’m reading and what I’ve liked or disliked about the many books that I read in a year. Today’s book, The Real Martin Luther by Josh Hamon, is a special pleasure to review. This is the second time I have gotten to review a book written by someone I know (the first being Finding You by Lydia Albano). therealmartinluther

The Real Martin Luther is church history like you’ve never seen it before. Chock-full of snark, well-timed humor, and great illustrations, this is the book for anyone who wants to learn more about Martin Luther and the Reformation but is intimidated by the idea of slogging through a church history book. Maybe you don’t even know where to begin! This book is a great place to start.

In less than 200 pages, Josh Hamon has managed to craft a story that is comprehensive without being overwhelming and easy-to-understand without being overly simplistic. I especially appreciated the parts in the book where he addresses different perspectives or reports on specific events. It can be difficult to present all the possible angles of a historical event, especially when some of those angles don’t help your “side.” Martin Luther’s life and ministry were filled to the brim with controversy and continue to be controversial. I believe that Hamon handled this very well by allowing for the different perspectives without overwhelming the reader.

The one thing that keeps me from giving this book a higher rating is that there is no specific works consulted or sources cited section at the end of the book. With a history book, it helps to see a list of all of the sources an author consulted while doing his or her research. I do, however, recognize the specific aesthetic that was being aimed for with the formatting of the book. I also do appreciate the “for further reading” note at the end of the epilogue.

Overall, The Real Martin Luther is an excellently written book. The wit, attention to detail, and incredible illustrations truly make this book. This book is accessible to young history buffs, experienced learners, and everyone in between. I look forward to seeing what else comes from Josh Hamon and his Holy Misfits series.

The Real Martin Luther by Josh Hamon gets 4.5 stars.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Real Martin Luther

  1. Another great book on Martin Luther is, Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World, by Eric Metaxas.


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