Book Review: The Memory Book

The Memory Book by Lara Avery was a Barnes and Noble find. Honestly, I could get lost in that store. And so could any resemblance of good money management. When I skimmed the back cover of this book, however, I knew I had to get it. The premise was fascinating, and became even more fascinating... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife

My initial impression review on Goodreads of The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger was this: "This book is elegant, odd, beautiful, heartbreaking, and mournful all at once." And it is truly all of these things. At times, I couldn't put this book down. And other times, I was bored, wondering when things would pick... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Orphan Train

I received Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline as a Christmas gift back in 2016 from my brother and his wife. They had noticed I had pinned it on my to-read board on Pinterest (or maybe a Christmas list... I have a lot of Pinterest boards). This was one of those "always in the back... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Wicked Will Rise

The second book in the Dorothy Must Die series, The Wicked Will Rise had a slower pace than the first. However, Danielle Paige did an excellent job with keeping the pace consistent and interesting. This installment was more introspective and spent a lot of time on Amy’s character development. A lot of the book was... Continue Reading →

Book Review: City of Bones

I realize that this book, the first in the Mortal Instruments, was published at the height of my enthusiasm for these types of books (2007 was a great year for reading for me), but I somehow never found it until now. Well, I didn’t even find it. City of Bones was enthusiastically thrust into my... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Dorothy Must Die

I picked up Dorothy Must Die a couple months ago while wandering through Barnes & Noble. I was intrigued by the title, and the description piqued my interest. So much so, that I put another book down in favor of buying this one! I was attempting to limit myself that evening, and had already surpassed my... Continue Reading →

Book Review: It Starts With Food

Unless this is your first time reading my blog (welcome!) or your first time in a while (welcome back!), you probably know that I'm doing my first Whole30 this month. Like any change, it has had some challenges, but definitely not as many as I expected! Part of this may be that my husband has... Continue Reading →

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