Dear Pro-Life Christian

Dear Pro-Life Christian, Hey there. You may be reading this and thinking, "isn't saying pro-life Christian a little redundant? Wouldn't every Christian automatically be pro-life?" That is what I once thought, too. Unfortunately, I was wrong. But that's not what this letter is about. If you are a believer and consider yourself to be pro-life,... Continue Reading →

Dear Waitstaff

Dear Waitstaff, Hello, it's me. The girl who asked for a gluten free menu. I know what I look like to you. A chubby, blue-eyed, white girl. My smartphone resides in my hand, my glasses are a stylish brand, and I'm probably wearing leggings. Or American Eagle jeans. It depends on how I'm feeling. I... Continue Reading →

Dear Seminary Student

Dear Seminary Student, Maybe this is your first year. Maybe this is your last. Maybe you're somewhere in the middle, wondering when it's going to end. Maybe you haven't even started yet but the anticipation is killing you. Whatever your situation may be, I must tell you: you can do this. It may not happen... Continue Reading →

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