The Lord’s Supper and Food Allergies: A Follow-Up

Right before Easter, I shared my own personal experience with taking the Lord's Supper with celiac disease. I also included an encouragement to others in my position, reminding them that our salvation does not rely on our ability to eat a piece of bread. I received a great response to this post, along with some … Continue reading The Lord’s Supper and Food Allergies: A Follow-Up


The Lord’s Supper: Allergy Edition

I was seventeen years old when my parents and I worked together to discover that I have Celiac Disease. I began cutting out gluten immediately. Being consistent was hard at first, especially being at college and away from my parents, until I realized that I was only going to feel better if I stopped eating … Continue reading The Lord’s Supper: Allergy Edition

Still Alive / January Goals Recap

On the first of each month, I will look back at the previous month and evaluate how I did with reaching my 2018 goals. This will accomplish two purposes: first, it will keep me accountable. Second, it will give me a visual of where I'm at and where I need to improve in the coming … Continue reading Still Alive / January Goals Recap

Book Review: It Starts With Food

Unless this is your first time reading my blog (welcome!) or your first time in a while (welcome back!), you probably know that I'm doing my first Whole30 this month. Like any change, it has had some challenges, but definitely not as many as I expected! Part of this may be that my husband has … Continue reading Book Review: It Starts With Food

Eating at Disney World with Celiac Disease

On Tuesday, I posted about how my husband and I were recently able to travel to Disney World and save money while doing it. We had a lot of fun going on our first vacation as a married couple. One of the great perks of going to Disney World for your vacation is the food. … Continue reading Eating at Disney World with Celiac Disease