Book Review: My Sister’s Keeper

I first heard of My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult when the both controversial and popular movie based on this book was released. Everyone was talking about it and I saw ads, trailers, and posts about the movie everywhere. As soon as I realized that it was based on a book, I knew I had to read … Continue reading Book Review: My Sister’s Keeper


Book Review: Sapphique

As soon as I finished Incarceron by Catherine Fisher, I knew I had to pick up its sequel, Sapphique. Sapphique picks up several months after Incarceron ends. Finn is struggling to adjust to the outside, Claudia is still trying to find Incarceron (where her father has disappeared to), and both Finn and Claudia's lives are in danger as they fight … Continue reading Book Review: Sapphique

Book Review: Incarceron

Throughout all of these book reviews, I occasionally mention whenever I read a book alongside my husband or one that he recommends. For example, I read the entire Mortal Instruments series because my husband enthusiastically shoved the first book into my hands during a Barnes and Noble trip. I often prioritize his recommendations because my … Continue reading Book Review: Incarceron