On Submission: Part One

If you are a Christian or familiar with Christianity at all, you may know that submission is a hot-button topic in the Christian world and among those who are not Christians. Numerous debates have been sparked about complementarianism vs. egalitarianism and the varying spectrum of views found in each overall category. In day-to-day conversation I … Continue reading On Submission: Part One


Why Good Theology Matters

If you've ever read or attempted to read a systematic theology, you know how overwhelming and confusing the study of theology can be. There are so many theories, ideas, systems, discussions, and debates out there and they can be difficult to wade through. It is easy to come to the conclusion that studying deep theology … Continue reading Why Good Theology Matters

In Defense of the Biblical Languages

Five years ago, I was a sophomore in college in the midst of a semester that was changing my life. Four days a week, at 2 pm, I spent fifty minutes in a class that I was both terrified by and excited about. The class was Elementary Greek and it was the first of many, … Continue reading In Defense of the Biblical Languages